Lauren Graham's 'GG' Announcement Is Adorable

If you think you're excited about Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premiering on November 25, then think about how excited the cast and crew are for everyone to finally see all their hard work. Case-in-point: Lorelai herself, Lauren Graham, took to Instagram to post the most adorable Gilmore Girls premiere date announcement ever. The photo features Graham and her onscreen daughter Alexis Bledel grinning in front of the perfect faux Stars Hollow backdrop.

Graham went on to caption the photo with the best possible wink to Gilmore Girls fans: "We'll see you on November 25th, luckily no one in Stars Hollow has conflicting agendas that day." Seriously, would anyone actually mind if we skipped directly to November? I didn't think so.

Of course, I would not be doing my due diligence as a Gilmore Girls obsessive fan if I did not do a bit of theorizing. It is interesting that the backdrop in the photo is the iconic gazebo from the town square. While it is not an obvious clue or spoiler, the first two minutes of the premiere episode were shown at the TCAs, and it seems the revival begins with Rory and Lorelai having a chat in the gazebo.

The gazebo has always been a special part of the show. Luke and Lorelai had their picnic lunch there and it is also where Luke counter-proposed to Lorelai. Knowing the revival will begin at the gazebo only adds to its iconic status. Having it feature so prominently in the background of the photo is both nostalgic and a hint at things to come.

There was a time when it seemed highly unlikely the gazebo or Rory and Lorelai would ever be seen again, but now they are all back together as they should be. Even though news of the Gilmore Girls revival has been around for some time now, having an official premiere date and seeing Graham post about it makes everything feel way more real. It's all happening, guys, and yes, Graham is just as psyched as the fans are to see the final product.

November cannot get here soon enough.

Image: Warner Bros. Television