Is Wonder Woman In 'Suicide Squad'?

There are a ton of characters in the new movie Suicide Squad, and they are a rowdy bunch, to say the least. But with so many supervillains in one place, where are all the good guys? It's already known that Batman makes an appearance in Suicide Squad, so you have to wonder if the movie features any other DC heroes. Specifically, is Wonder Woman in Suicide Squad? After all, Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman just starred alongside Ben Affleck's Batman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, so it's not unreasonable to think that she might pop up in Suicide Squad, too. And since Wonder Woman is scheduled to come out in 2017, it would make sense to get the character's story rolling with some appearances in preceding movies.

Unfortunately for Wonder Woman fans, the heroine does not make a Suicide Squad cameo. There was, however, some speculation a while back that another key character from Wonder Woman would appear in Suicide Squad. In 2015, murmurs arose that Scott Eastwood would be playing Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman's love interest from the comics. This theory was largely debunked after Chris Pine was cast as Steve Trevor for Wonder Woman , and Eastwood's role in Suicide Squad was revealed to be that of "Lieutenant GQ Edwards." So it appears that there are no links to Wonder Woman's story in Suicide Squad. Here are a few guesses as to why everyone's favorite heroine didn't make it into the movie.

There Were Already Too Many Superheroes/Villains

As I mentioned, there are so many DC characters in Suicide Squad, from the Joker to Harley Quinn to Batman. There's even a brief appearance by The Flash! So the addition of one more high-profile hero like Wonder Woman might have felt like overkill.

It Wouldn't Fit With The Character's Storyline

Wonder Woman was introduced in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, allowing viewers to get a glimpse of the character's personality, powers, and backstory. An appearance in Suicide Squad might have thrown a wrench in the works as writers were preparing to seamlessly continue Wonder Woman's narrative in her own movie in 2017.

Gal Gadot Was Busy

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The filming of Suicide Squad in 2015 may have had some overlap with the production schedule of two films that Gadot was working on at the time, Triple 9 and Keeping Up with the Joneses. Gadot may be Wonder Woman, but she can't be in multiple places at once!

Although it's a bummer that Wonder Woman won't be in Suicide Squad, there are plenty of other appearances by DC characters in the movie to look forward to. And 2017's Wonder Woman will be here before you know it, so you'll get to see the heroine on the silver screen soon enough.

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