When Will ColourPop Restock Their Tie Dye Eyeshadows? Mark Your Calendars

On Thursday, ColourPop Cosmetics released their highly sought after tie-dye eyeshadows. The four gorgeous shades feature muted hues and vibrant colors, and they're all gorgeous. That's probably why they sold out insanely fast. So when are ColourPop tie-dyes restocking? Mark your calendars, fans, because it looks like a restock may be coming your way sooner than anyone though. Considering that fans seem to be in an uproar about the sell-out, the quick restock is an excellent call, and you'll definitely want to take a chance at getting these gorgeous — and affordable — shadows.

ColourPop Cosmetics has been hyping up the relaunch of their tie-dye eyeshadows for about a week, and it definitely seems to have worked. Between swatching the gorgeous hues on Snapchat to announcing the official launch date, ColourPop is working hard for their fans, and their fans have no responded in kind. When the tie-dye shadows launched at 1pm EST, they were sold out before many could get their hands on them. Maybe that's why ColourPop is try to restock on Friday.

That's right! The brand is attempting to restock the ColourPop tie-dye eye shadows on Friday according to their Snapchat. While there is no verification that this is happening — yet —it does mean that even if a restock doesn't happen on Friday, one is definitely coming soon.

The tie-dye shadows are just that popular. ColourPop seems to be taking a cue from Kylie Cosmetics and restocking immediately to keep that hype going — not that they needed much help. Ever since it was announced that the tie-dye shadows are limited edition, people have been scrambling to get them, even wanting to order them in bulk.

The tie-dyes, in shades Pop Rocks, Meow, Summer Lovin, and Mermaid Kiss are all gorgeously shimmering hues. From the bright purple of Pop Rocks to the more muted bronze hue of Summer Lovin' the shadows may be few but they're wide-ranging and impactful.

So, if you were wanting to get your hands on the ColourPop tie-dye shadows but didn't snag them on Thursday, you may very well have another chance coming on Friday. Keep your eyes peeled on ColourPop's social media, and you may just be one of the first to know.

Images: ColourPopCo/Snapchat(4)