That 'Gilmore Girls' Trailer Scene Won't Be In The Revival, So Does That Mean The "Spoilers" Are Null And Void?

Like a bacon cheeseburger at Luke's or some Chinese take-out from Al's Pancake World, the first Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life trailer served up some gratuitous deliciousness when it hit the Internet Wednesday. Right away, GG fans were dissecting every little detail about Rory and Lorelai's conversation and speculating its legitimacy in relation to the series — that is, some were wondering if the footage in Gilmore Girls trailer will actually be in the revival. Well, as it would turn out, if you were one of those curious fans, you were right: Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that the Gilmore Girls trailer footage was filmed separately from the revival. So, what does that mean for all the other theories gathered from the teaser?

Well, more-so than Rory, Lorelai became the focal point of potential GG spoilers. The first thing viewers were quick to note was that Lorelai isn't wearing an engagement ring. There have been several little hints that Luke and Lorelai will be getting married, and one big near-spoiler from EW referring to the diner owner as "Lorelai's fiancé and chief caffeine enabler, Luke Danes." And yet... no rock. Naturally mild panic set in while fans imagined being jerked around another on-again, off-again situation for four more episodes. Not again.

Welp, now that we know that this trailer isn't a true part of the series we don't have to take this wardrobe malfunction that seriously. Perhaps, plot wise, Lorelai isn't engaged just yet when we start on our Stars Hollow journey. Perhaps her and Luke are having an unconventional engagement, because they've already done it the first time, and, well, Lorelai marches to the beat of her own drum.

But it may not even be that complicated: since this trailer is not law, it may just be that the costume team didn't bother to suit Lauren Graham with her faux-engagement ring before the camera started rolling. Huge sigh of relief.

But that's not all the fandom observed from the trailer: who could miss Lorelai shielding her midriff with a newspaper? Pair that with a "I'm With Human" sweatshirt peeping over top, and the dialogue quickly shifted to the possibility of Lorelai being pregnant. Does this new development invalidate that theory?

OK, as far as that theory goes, the idea of Lorelai being pregnant in the first place seemed farfetched on its own. First of all, Lor isn't boasting a burgeoning baby bump in any of the released revival pictures. Second of all, a late-in-life baby doesn't seem to have much of a narrative purpose at this point in the game; the revival is supposed to focus on a more matured Gilmore Girls , and dredging through the whole going-to-have-a-baby plotline seems like it'll cut into cocktail hour. I mean, come on, Lorelai went through childbirth when she was a literal teenager. And finally, let's be honest, Lorelai is about 48 years old in the revival. Pregnancy isn't a biological impossibility, just more difficult.

If the trailer isn't tied to any scene, it seems pointless to hide a fake baby bump for speculation purposes (or brilliant, maybe, because it gets the fans talking). So, with all that and the fact that the "I'm With Human" arrow points right and not downward, I'm going to say that idea is 99 percent debunked. The trailer not being canon, so to speak, is simply the final brush-aside with something that was already a flimsy possibility. (But I will hold onto that final one percent chance just in case I am horribly, horribly wrong.)

Conclusion? The stand-alone aspect of the trailer is sufficiently evidence that, well, we shouldn't look that much into trailers. But as this is the one GG thing to cling to 'till November 25, I'm sure you're going to still comb the Year In The Life trailer for clues. I'll leave the trailer here, bring me back more theories to dismiss.

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