Kim K's Been In A Few Kanye Vids In Her Day

Not only is Kimberly Noel Kardashian West the protector of her husband's reputation, she's also his muse. Kanye West released the video for "Wolves" on Friday, a seven-minute long, gorgeous black and white fashion film that doubles as a Balmain ad. Most importantly, "Wolves" features Kim Kardashian. There are lots of famous models in the video, including Joan Smalls and Cindy Crawford, lots of big, glycerin tears, and footage from the Met Gala where Kardashian and West wore their Balmain 'fits. There are also appearances by Sia, Vic Mensa, and even a cameo by Kylie Jenner. It's spooky and beautiful, and totally Kanye.

It's not the first time Kardashian has appeared in one of her husband's music videos. It's almost a surprise and a shame that she hasn't appeared in more. The couple has been together since 2012, and over the course of four years, I would have expected Kardashian to appear in more than just three music videos for him. Especially because West is in the ever-rolling video of Kardashian's life, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, so it's not like we don't see them on-screen together constantly, but it would be nice if they made more art together. Though I suppose their entire relationship plays like one long performance piece.

Below are Kardashian's appearances in West's music videos. Fingers crossed that there are more to come.

1. "Wolves"

Definitely the tamest video that Kardashian has starred in for her husband. She and West have very close, personal ties to the fashion house Balmain and its creative director Olivier Rousteing, who is a good friend of theirs. In 2015, West and Kardashian were chosen as the faces of Balmain's spring menswear collection. This video for "Wolves" is a beautiful, melancholy, and dark piece, as well as a seriously great ad campaign for the fashion house. If there's one thing that Kardashian and West do well, it's killing two birds with one stone marketing-wise. Kardashian appears in her dress from the Met Gala, with many hands all over her in an intrusive, disturbing manner — yet another comment on fame from West.

2. "Famous"

Kardashian didn't do much in the "Famous" video, but to be fair, neither did anyone else. In fact, it's unclear if it's actually her. The "Famous" video features wax figures of ultra-famous celebrities like Donald Trump, Caitlyn Jenner, Rihanna, Chris Brown and, of course, Taylor Swift (whose career Kardashian may or may not have ended, depending on who you ask). The video was just about the opposite of "Wolves," and one of the two great Kan-troversies of 2016 along with Swiftgate. While it's unclear if Kardashian is wax too, of all the celebs featured, it's most likely she was real. West didn't give away any secrets about the video though. According to Vanity Fair, West was "loath to divulge too much of what went on behind the curtain. For him, the ambiguity goes to the core of what he’s trying to say about the mythos of contemporary celebrity." (You can watch the extremely NSFW video here.)

3. "Bound 2"

How time gets away from us. It's been three years since Yeezy released the "Bound 2" music video, in which he and Kardashian are on a motorcycle in front of a backdrop of saturated landscapes filled with wild horses, stellar sunsets, and fields of green. Kardashian was naked as she and West very suggestively bounced and writhed on the bike. It was an extremely divisive music video, many calling it anti-feminist because Kardashian was naked and West kept his clothes on, and others thought it was a masterpiece. Some thought it was just plain bad, which was apparently West's vision all along. I personally thought it was amazing.

Bonus: Alligator Boots

This wasn't a music video, and it wasn't really a TV pilot either, but it's worth a watch for a little levity in this time when the world is basically going up in flames. Back in 2008, West was trying to develop a pilot for a wacky comedy show called Alligator Boots. Kardashian made an appearance in a twisted Star Wars sketch, playing Princess Leia in her infamous gold bikini. West was a stormtrooper, and Kardashian ditched him for a bear puppet version of Barry White named Beary White, who wants to do some very inappropriate things to her. The pilot was not picked up, obviously. One good thing came of it, though: This was one of Kardashian and West's first meetings!

Here's hoping that Kardashian makes it into more West videos. There's a good chance, seeing as she's already been in two this year.