How To Buy Kylie Cosmetics' Lip Print Makeup Bag

by Summer Arlexis

It was just another regular afternoon for most of us on Jul. 31. That is, until Kylie Jenner dropped major bombs by revealing Kylie Cosmetics' Birthday Edition Collection. The Summer Surprise was major, considering Jenner unveiled not one, not two, not even three, but nearly a dozen new products dripping in beautiful gold packaging. But there's also some fresh Kylizzle makeup storage coming, which probably has you wondering how you can buy Kylie Cosmetics' Makeup Bag online.

When it comes to surprises, we can always count on Jenner to show everyone how it's done. I wasn't expecting this new collection, and I definitely didn't see a cosmetic bag coming into her beauty empire. As King Kylie teased new products to come on her Snapchat and Instagram, many fans guessed a line of lashes or brow products were in our near future. Who would have thought the beauty mogul had her sights set on a cosmetic bag, launching on Aug. 1 at 3 p.m. PT time.

The lip print makeup bag will be available for $42 exclusively on If you've ever ordered from the site during launch-time before, then you know it can be hectic. When there are millions of King Kylie fans logging on simultaneously, you can expect some delays. I've successfully shopped the site a few times, but I've heard Kylie Cosmetics horror stories of having items in one's cart only to have them sell out when an official purchase is attempted.

Having your browser ready five to 10 minutes prior to the launch is your best bet at snagging the makeup bag as soon as the clock strikes 3 (or your respective time). Keep your credit card next to you so you're ready to fill out your bank information in an instant. It also helps to have autofill settings turned on so that you don't have to worry about typing in tedious information like your name, address, or email.

Keep in mind that you don't want to refresh your page incessantly if the site is lagging. No one wants to accidentally buy seven lip print bags because things got a little antsy. Wait it out and let the page load if you're able to get past the payment option.

The Kylie Cosmetics lip motif bag is definitely going to be the best new product to add to your beauty stash, IMO. I say yes to anything with the dripping lip insignia. It'll be the perfect way to store the new Mini Matte Lipstick Set, Crème Eyeshadows, and the Kyliner Kit you'll probably pick up while your splurging away on Kylie Cosmetics' newest golden goodies.

Image: kylizzlesnapchats/Instagram (1)