6 Ways The BSC Would Be Different in 2016

Growing up as a reader in the late '80s and '90s meant reading about tons of groups of friends we wished we could join ourselves. From Harry Potter to Gossip Girl, there was some major friend-envy going on amid the pages. But, one of the first groups we ever wished we could join? The Baby-Sitter's Club, of course.

Kristy, Stacey, Claudia, Mary Anne — they all seemed so much older and cooler than we were. They had their own business, they wore the best clothes, and everyone in their town seemed to love them. Their 1986 business was thriving and growing, and it was all because a group of friends had a great idea.

But, what if a group of girls had that same idea today, in 2016? So much would be different. Like, basically everything. They wouldn't be asked for babysitting jobs via their parent's landlines, that's for sure, but there would be plenty of other differences too. Among them, the "cool" fashion of the time might not be as well received today, and they might even have some competition. Here are six ways the well-loved BSC would be different if it existed today.

1. Texting and Email Exist

Gone are the days of people calling and asking for a babysitter. More than likely, a new client would be texting the babysitters, emailing them, and maybe sending them DM's for babysitting gigs, but without a doubt, they would not calling them.

2. The BSC Would Be Much More Organized

From Google Calendar to invoicing apps and Venmo, there's no doubt Kristy would devise a way to make the Club even better and more organized than it was before. Even things as simple as phone alarms and the Notes app would help the gang save time and make more money. It would be an empire in no time.

3. There Would Be More Competition

Today, more and more people are looking for a great side hustle, and babysitting has always been a go-to. With websites like making babysitters easier to find than ever before, the BSC would be facing some serious competition, something they likely didn't face back in the day.

4. The Fashion

Claudia was especially well known throughout the series for being stylishly dressed at all times, (despite some pretty insane combinations, even for the '80s). Luckily, overalls and '80s fashion seem to be making a comeback — so maybe Claudia's outfits would be pretty similar!

5. The Kid Kits Might Be Extinct

Between tablets and smartphones, the need for the famous Kid Kit might be completely gone. Plus, kids today would totally be distracted catching Pokemon to even need one!

6. Social Media Would Make The BSC Into An Empire

There's no doubt that Kristy and the girls would use social media to their every advantage. They could market themselves, spread the word about the business, and let's be real, by the end of the series, they would be the proud owners of a babysitting empire.

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