Rollins Having A Twin On 'PLL' Would Explain A Lot

If you thought the big Mary Drake reveal was the end of all the twin speculation on Pretty Little Liars, well, you were wrong. Thanks to all the twin drama in Sara Shepard's book series that inspired the show, we can pretty much count on twin theories following the show's major characters until the bitter end. The latest potential double to add to the mix? Doctor Elliot Rollins — or Archer Dunhill, if he is who Jenna/his burner phone would have us believe. So, could Rollins have a twin on Pretty Little Liars ? It's definitely a possibility.

On one hand you've got the man whose head went through Hanna's windshield, and on the other, you've got the man wandering around Baltimore and calling Rollins' old burner phone. They can't both be Rollins; Hanna and Spencer even double-checked by digging up his grave, in a particularly grisly scene in the Aug. 2 episode, "Wanted: Dead or Alive."

Of course, with his affinity for creepily realistic latex masks (and indeed all the latex masks currently in circulation in the town of Rosewood), the mysterious Rollins sightings/phone calls could amount to just another red herring. Likewise, the strange "cop" that terrorized Ali wasn't necessarily Rollins, even if context made it seem like it was. Anyone — almost literally anyone — could have been masquerading as Rollins, especially with suspicious figures like Noel Kahn and Jason DiLaurentis making their way back to the show.

Still, there might be something to all the double trouble speculation. It would be an interesting way of explaining all of the A.D. shenanigans so far. It might also be a cool twist on a character who's been notoriously hard to pin down ever since he was first hinted at in the very first scene of the flash-forward. Also, it's worth pointing out that it's entirely possible that Rollins was the lesser of two evils — if he does indeed have a twin, there's always the potential that his twin could be the big bad who's been pulling all the strings. Sinister as he may be, Rollins has never seemed like a true A.D. candidate — but maybe his twin could be.

There's also the popular theory that Rollins' potential twin is of the fraternal variety. Ever since he was revealed as a secret Brit, fans have been speculating that he and Wren are secretly brothers and/or fraternal twins. Sure, he's got a slightly different accent as a Welshman, but potayto, potahto, right? It would be a thrilling way to embroil everyone's favorite Big Bad candidate right into the center of the drama

Whether he has a twin or not, there has to be an explanation for all of the creepy phone calls and that rental car sighting, and based on how Pretty Little Liars Season 7 has gone so far, it may be totally unexpected.

Images: Eric McCandless/Freeform; Giphy