It's Time To Say Goodbye To These 'GoT' Theories

by Kayla Hawkins

After six seasons, Game of Thrones has generated quite a few fan theories. Some of them, like Jon Snow's resurrection and anointment as "Azor Ahai," turned out to be true, but there are just as many Game of Thrones theories that don't make any sense anymore, now that we've seen where the story is going. There will always be fans that stubbornly stick to their crazy predictions, but at this point, it's time to start letting some of these theories go, because holding out hope just seems like a waste of time when there's new information to make new theories.

Part of the reason that so many fan theories are unlikely to occur at this point is that with only two seasons to go before the series concludes, George R.R. Martin's book series has been able to incorporate far more plotlines and people, while the TV series spent most of Season 6 narrowing down the possibilities by focusing in on the main characters. The show brought people together after years of being scattered around Westeros and Essos, with the biggest surprise being when, after years of setbacks, Dany was finally able to take to the sea with her army, planning for a vicious takeover. So for those who theorized she'd never make it, I'm afraid you were mistaken — just like anyone who still believes these 11 theories are going to actually come to life.

1. "Cleganebowl"

Maybe the Clegane brothers, Sandor and Gregor (better known as the Hound and the Mountain) will meet again on the battlefield, but when Tommen eliminated the tradition of a "trial by combat" at the end of Season 6, it also abolished the theory that the brothers would face off as representatives of Cersei and the Faith Militant in the former's trial.

2. Lady Stoneheart's Appearance

With a renewed focus on the Riverlands, Walder Frey, and the Brotherhood Without Banners in Season 6, it seemed like the show was purposefully baiting fans of book-only character Lady Stoneheart, a resurrected Catelyn Stark who goes on a vengeful quest to pay back the traitors who betrayed her family at the Red Wedding. Instead of a late introduction, though, it seems the show has pawned off her greatest moments to a combination of other characters, including Arya and the Hound.

3. The Faceless Men Have Been Pulling The Strings

Some fans have believed that with their stealthy abilities, the Faceless Men have been somehow controlling things, or playing a major role that Arya would uncover while she studied with them. In the end, it seems the only purpose they've served was to teach Arya how to be a better assassin... sort of. She may have their abilities, but she's not really a faceless man, since she doesn't abide by their moral code.

4. The High Sparrow Has A Secret Identity

A popular book theory guesses that the High Sparrow was really someone else pretending to be a religious figure, like Meera's father, Howland Reed. But some expositional speeches and his eventual death have proven that he's not going to turn out to be a sleeper agent. Sometimes a creepy dude is just that.

5. Daario Naharis And Euron Greyjoy Are The Same Person

Another odd theory among book fans was that Euron Greyjoy may have been pretending to be Daario Naharis in order to get in Daenerys' good graces. The series debunked this one simply — by casting two different actors.

6. Any Non-Lyanna/Rhaegar Parents For Jon Snow

After the moment when Bran learned that Ned Stark wasn't really Jon's father, the prevailing fan sentiment was, "it's about time." Most fans have guessed this twist for years, but some contrarians have been insisting that there would be a double twist, and Jon's parents would be someone else. Common suspects on the A Song of Ice and Fire forum included Ashara Dayne, the sister of Ser Arthur Dayne and unwed mother in the books. But as intriguing as this theory was, it's time to let it go and embrace the new Targaryen Jon.

7. Roose Bolton Is Supernatural

Because of his creepy appearance and his distaste for normal human behavior like eating, drinking, and not putting leeches all over one's body, fans have wondered if Roose Bolton is really a vampire, White Walker, or some other kind of immortal. That was disproven when his son was able to kill him so easily. And I'm pretty sure the blade Ramsay used wasn't made of wood or obsidian, either.

8. Brienne Didn't Really Kill Stannis

After what he did to his innocent daughter, Shireen, there weren't many Stannis Baratheon fans left at the end of Season 5. But when Brienne came to have him pay for his crimes, her execution happened off-screen, leaving the tiniest bit of ambiguity about whether he really died. But after the events of Season 6, this is officially debunked.

9. Ned/Any Other Stark Was Secretly A Warg

Since all of the Stark kids have at least some mild warg abilities in the books, fans have wondered if any of their favorite dead Starks might have saved themselves by warging right before being murdered. But only Bran has those abilities in the show, and the dead Starks look like they're going to stay that way.

10. Tommen & Margaery Will Bring Cersei Down

Certainly, the "Mad Queen" believed that her son's new wife would be her downfall. Naturally, their deaths have proved that a different "valonquar" will be the one to kill Cersei, and a different young queen will take her place.

11. Hodor Will Have Hidden Abilities

These theories ranged from completely silly — "Hodor is Azor Ahai" — to the actually possible, if crazy — "Hodor may be a White Walker" — but the've all been proven untrue. Turns out the big guy was just a faithful friend, an unfortunate pawn in Bran's journey, and a pure hero.

These GoT theories may have been debunked, but more could arise as the show goes on.

Image: Helen Sloan, Macall B. Polay/Courtesy of HBO (7); Giphy (4)