5 Positions That Are Totally Overrated

Let's face it: there are some really, really good sex positions out there— but there are also some really, really bad ones. And there a whole lot more that are just sort of... fine — overrated sex positions. They're not good or bad, just a little blah. You can't expect every position to work for every person. So if something's underwhelming, speak up and change it up.

Don't get me wrong — all of them have their place. I mean, it can be worth even doing a not so fun sex position once in a while just to mix things up or laugh at yourselves as you fall out of it. And who knows, maybe as you're falling out of it you'l find another sex position that really does work for you. But on their own, they're the sex positions that just make me go a bit "meh". Or worse, "Are we doing it yet?". The weird thing is, what works and feelings amazing with one person can be distinctly underwhelming with the next, so don't be surprised if a position you used to love suddenly feels really overrated.

Here are five sex positions that are totally overrated (and none of them are woman on top, because obviously). Remember, these positions work with two women as well.

1. Face To Face

How To Do It: Facing each other, your pelvis slightly higher than theirs, wrap your top leg around them and use it to pull you closer, guiding them inside you. You're probably going to need lube, don't be scared. Lube is your friend.

Why It's Overrated: It's a great position for intimacy, and I have no problem with a grinding rather than thrusting position, but unless you're both just the right heights it's going to be hard to make this work. Then you're just kind lying there with your partner inside you and their nose poking your eye wondering what to do next.

2. Standing Unsupported

How To Do It: You touch your toes and hang on for dear life. Seriously, with your legs spread as you lean down— your partner spreads their legs as much as they needs to help your pelvises line up. And then your partner slowly— SLOWLY— enters you. Don't fall over.

Why It's Overrated: It looks easy here, but one thrust just a bit too hard from them and you're going to go tumbling forward and it's not going to be fun for anyone. Stop showing off and just use a damn wall to learn against — just as fun and fewer injuries.

3. Sofa Brace

How To Do It: It's like doggy style but on a couch or something. I used to be a fan, but I'm over it now.

Why It's Overrated: OK, I love to be able have sex outside the bedroom, so you may find that you end up in this position through a happy accident because it's the only way you'll fit. Fine.

But as nice as the support is, the whole draw of doggy is that it's an intense 'wham bam thank you ma'am' position that feels really sexy. You can go for modified doggy — when you're more lying down— for a more satisfying variation, but I think this is just taking out the fun.

4. The Cross

How To Do It: Your partner lies on their side while you lie across them with your legs over their side, then move down and help guide them inside of you. One of you may need a pillow underneath to help things line up.

Why It's Overrated: So it's great for a lazy Sunday — really lazy, but neither of you are in a very good position for grinding or thrusting. I think it's fun to mix things up, but after a little bit you're both just lying there jerking around. And, you're so far from each other you could practically wave. Bring it in to mix things up a bit, but don't feel the need to let it stick around.

5. Coital Alignment Technique

How To Do It: It's like missionary, but with your legs lifted up around them, trying to line up your pelvises so you're more likely to achieve orgasm.

Why It's Overrated: It may be a fun position, but it's not magic. I think women who have trouble orgasming from penetration would be a lot better off adding some hand play or even a vibrator into traditional doggy. That's where the orgasm is going to come from.

Images: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle