13 Reasons To Start Wearing Lipgloss Again

by Melodi Erdogan

A poet by the name of Lil Mama once sang, "My lipgloss is hot, my lipgloss be poppin." And while that verse may be nine years old, her words arguably have more significance now than they ever have. That's right, folks, wearing lipgloss is more doable than it's been since the '90s. More and more beauty brands are seemingly improving their formulas, maximizing their shine, and creating tubes of gloss that are more irresistible than most pout products on the market. If you haven't started already, there are plenty of reasons to begin wearing lipgloss again.

As your average Millennial, I graduated to thick, goopy lip glosses after I grew tired of my basic pink Bonne Bell shade, and I never really turned back. Even though gloss formulas in the late '90s and early '00s were stickier than honey, I loved the way they plumped my lips and reflected shine from every direction.

In case you're wondering, lipgloss is still fun to wear, easy to apply, and offers great added texture to any beauty look. With the added benefits of formulas that aren't as sticky, a never-ending range of hues, and an even glossier look, I'm all about that life.

So here are 13 reasons to start wearing lipgloss again. From its incredible shine to its new and improved formulas, gloss is making a serious comeback. Lil Mama should be so pleased.

1. It's Just So Glossy

From my experience, there's no lip or makeup product out there that gets as shiny, reflective, and glossy as, well, gloss. There's a reason why it's called gloss, after all. It's effortlessly glamorous and chic.

2. There's No Other Product Like It

Can lipstick do this? Can lip pencils do this? Can matte lip products do this? The answer is obviously no, because lipgloss is totally unique. Take my word for it. There's no other product that can boast as much shine, moisture, and volume all-in-one as lipgloss. That includes you, chubby lip pencil.

3. It's Long-Lasting

I will admit that most of my memories before the lipgloss renaissance of 2016 consisted of applying the product, getting my hair stuck in it, and then it disappearing within a few hours. If this is one of your hesitations when it comes to revisiting the gloss, let me assure you that you have nothing to worry about anymore.

Gloss formulas are no longer always thin with minimal wear time. In fact, most glosses I've worn these days can last hours, even after eating and drinking. Yeah, it's pretty fantastic.

4. It's Not As Sticky Now

I have horrible memories from middle school whereby I used to smear my beloved sparkly pink lipgloss all over my mouth, and just a few minutes later, learn that hair, lint, and a various assortment of food had attached themselves to my lips. Lipgloss used to be stickier than glue, but thankfully time and modern formulations have proved that it can exist without the pasty element, making it better than ever.

5. It Goes With Lots Of Looks

It only takes a simple YouTube search for "lipgloss makeup look" to realize that the possibilities are endless when it comes to working the product into your beauty routine. Lipgloss is versatile, unique, and totally gorgeous for any style of visage.

So if you have yet to get glossy in your own routine, please step out of your comfort zone and try some product. Whether it's in a crimson red shade with a smoky eye or a flirty nude tone with a flawless base, it shouldn't take you long to realize how adaptable gloss can really be.

6. It Comes In So Many Pigments

The color selection for lipgloss goes way beyond the classic (yet often boring) nude and light pink hues. In fact, name a shade and I bet there's a brand that has it in a gloss form. Green? Yellow? Gold? Check, check, and check.

These days, there are no limits to what colors you can experiment with. So whether you prefer something neutral or something bold, there's a gloss for everyone.

7. And Textures

The same goes for textures, too. The gloss world is no longer plain. There are tubes repping creme, sheer, ultra-glossy, and even metallic finishes now. If you thought you were limited when it came to lipgloss finishes, then think again.

8. It's The Perfect '00s Throwback

The fashion and beauty worlds are currently having a major '90s moment, which can only mean one thing: We're on the verge of a serious '00s comeback. While I can't say I see myself wearing tracksuits and Von Dutch trucker hats anytime soon, I would certainly be into the ultra-glossy lipgloss of the decade. Do I want my pout oozing and dripping with thick, pigmented gloss formula? Of course.

9. It Gives Your Lips Volume

The Kylie Jenner lip challenge of 2014 has nothing on the lip plumping powers of gloss. Because of the way gloss reflects and absorbs light, it can often make one's lips appear fuller than they actually are. Lipsticks and liquid lippies can sometimes make lips look flat. So if you're looking for a voluminous touch, just opt for a gloss to get you there.

10. It's Sparkly

Who needs body glitter or glitter eyeliner when you can have a sparkling, ultra-reflective, and über-sparkly gloss? Sure, super sparkly lips might not be everyone's forte, but there's no denying there's something super glamorous about a good gloss.

11. It's Moisturizing

Liquid lipsticks, particularly mattes, are easily drying, and don't even get me started on stains. One lip product you'll never have to worry about when it comes to dryness and cracks? Lipgloss. Many modern formulas are super-hydrating and moisturizing, leaving your pout with a soft, supple quality hours after wear.

12. It's Easy To Reapply

Unlike lipstick and pencils, lipgloss is a cinch to reapply. If you don't believe me, just grab your favorite one, pop out that applicator, and get to work. It's as easy as that. I dare you to tell me that you don't have flawless lip game even without a glimpse in the mirror. Gloss' creamier formula and typical sheer base don't often require a compact or even a tissue to touch up.

13. It Highlights Your Features

There's no doubt, IMO, that a glossy lip product reflects light and highlights one's facial features. Notice how the gloss defines your lips and gives them volume? Or how the shiny, reflective qualities bounce light off your unique facial structure? Can you say that about a liquid lippie? Nope, didn't think so.

So if you haven't tried some gloss out recently, now is the time. With the new non-sticky, easy-to-apply, and moisturizing formulas out there, these babies are just what Lil Mama promised: poppin'.

Images: Melodi Erdogan