11 Bra Tips For Women With Small Boobs

by Melodi Erdogan

Let's be clear: Having small boobs doesn't make the search for the perfect bra any easier than it does for a those with large breasts. While women with larger chests have a hard time finding support and comfort, others have different concerns and require specific bra tips for small boobs to solve their problems.

Of course, no matter where you fall on the bra size spectrum, finding comfortable, affordable, and well-fitting cups can be a challenge. Problems include bra straps constantly falling down, cup sizes never really fitting and more. Women with small boobs know these issues all too well — but are small boobs doomed to a lifetime of ill-fitting bras? With these bra tips for small boobs (straight from a lingerie expert, no less), they don't have to be. Small-chested ladies can rejoice with fitted, supportive, and comfortable bras for their wee and well-deserving breasts.

Summer Rose of Curvy Couture, a plus size lingerie brand, took the time to explain to Bustle why small boobs aren't as doomed as they feel sometimes. In fact, there are plenty of ways to approach the hunt for a perfect bra for a small chest. Check out Rose's secrets below.

1. Know Your Fit

Sunnie Full Coverage Lightly Lined Bra , $22, Aerie

The first small boob hack could potentially apply to all women, whether you have a pair of small lemons or larger melons: Get fitted by a professional to make sure you're wearing the right cup and width size in a bra. If you don't have the chance to talk to a pro, try measuring yourself at home or watching a YouTube tutorial on how to calculate what bra size works best for you. "The fit of the bra is most important, not the measurements," Rose says in a phone interview with Bustle. "Leave with the one that fits you best."

2. Get Fitted Often

Timpa Duet Lace Half-Cup Padded Bra, $49, Amazon

But the real key to a good fitting bra every time you buy a new one is to get fitted often. "It's so important to get re-sized," Rose says. "You lose some pounds, you gain some, it can be an exhausting thing but you need to make sure you have the right size on."

3. Look For Fit, Not Size

Louise Lace Bra, $64, Lula Lu

Furthermore, Rose pointed out that when you do get fitted often and at various places with a variety of bras, your size will (most likely) be different in every situation. Don't worry though, because she said that's totally normal. "Your bra size will be different among different companies, and that's OK because size is just a number," she says.

4. Do The Criss-Cross

Lula Lu Petites Convertible Racerback, $58, Amazon

There's nothing more annoying than a bra whose straps keep falling and/or a bra that doesn't keep your boobs where you need them to be — especially for a small breasted woman who's looking for added volume and shape with a bra. An easy fix to both of those problems, Rose said, is to simply criss-cross your straps.

"Essentially what [criss-crossed straps] do is gather the breast tissue in a small space, so you're keeping it all centered and having that as a focal point," Rose explains. Giving your breasts the lift and volume they need, a bra with criss-crossed straps keeps your ladies front and center.

5. Shop Smart Online

Calvin Klein Lace Balconette Bra, $62, Amazon

Shopping for lingerie and bras online can be a slippery slope. Like Rose pointed out before, every brand and company's sizes differ. Unless you already know your size, you're probably going to be gambling on a fit and shape when buying a bra online. But as "brick and mortar options become obsolete," Rose says, shopping for bras online is becoming the norm. The trick is it to do research on the e-commerce company before investing.

Rose recommends looking for online brands and companies that have good customer service, free return policies, as well as fit experts available to chat online (Curvy Couture offers all of that, as well as a rewards program and international shipping). So when shopping for bras online, do shop smart and make sure you're covered if the bra you ordered isn't right.

6. Consider Bra Technology

Try: T-Shirt Bra, $89, Amazon

Imagine a bra that molds to your breasts (instead of you molding to a bra) and gives you the perfect fit, support, and volume you'd want from a bra. It's a small-boobed-girls dream (sigh). But now that dream can become a reality with spacer bra technology. Bra spacer technology, like in the Curvy Couture Spacer Solutinos collection, is a type of memory foam that Rose says "gives you a one-of-a-kind shape, a natural, kinda-custom fit for the girl that wants something breathable and super soft, and not too padded."

7. Try A Balconette Style

Try: Lace Balconette Bra, $18, Amazon

A balconette bra is designed to have shorter cup heights with wider set straps so that you can comfortably wear plunging necklines as well as bring attention to your chest with volume and projection. So, you can imagine why this would benefit ta-tas that are on the smaller end of the spectrum if looking bigger is your goal.

Rose tells Bustle that one of Curvy Couture's best selling bras is the Tulip Lace Balconette bra, not only for it's intricate and pretty lace design but also because of its lifting, feminine shape. "The magic of this bra is that the pads are nice gradual push cup pads that give you a really nice gradual lift that's not a crazy va va voom push up," Rose says.

8. Inspect "The Wing"

ASOS Kendra Molded Satin & Lace Underwire Bra, $33,

That unsuspecting band that wraps around your ribs and latches at your back on a bra? According to Rose, that's called the wing. And although you may not expect it, it's doing a lot of work to keep you and your ladies supported. "That wing is what is doing over half of the job of keeping you comfortable, no matter what size you are," Rose says. When buying your next bra, do pay close attention to the wing, making sure it's soft but strong, and doesn't dig into your skin at the sides. what makes this a tip for small boobs specifically?

9. Invest In A Multi-Way

Sascha Smooth, $60, Amazon

Supportive, comfortable, functional: You can check all of those ticks off your list with a quality multi-way bra. "This style has many features, so it's more bang for your buck," Rose said, adding that multi-ways can be the maximum push-up bra, but also convert to a halter, criss-cross, and even include clear straps for special occasions. This type of bra is a smart purchase for lots of wear and customization no matter what size you are.

10. Look For Cookies

Wacoal Embrace Lace Petite Push-Up Bra, $52, Amazon

You might know them as "chicken cutlets," but this euphemism is far more appetizing. "Cookies," as Rose calls them, are extra removable padding that can be taken in and out of your bra for lift or a non-padded option, or to customize your fit specifically for your ta-tas.

Curvy Couture's Perfect Plunge Multi-way bra also gives wearers the insertable cookie option. "One great feature that people like it for is that if you have one boob that's half a cup size smaller, you can adjust and make your girls look fuller," Rose said. Since most bras don't come with that option, it's a major advantage — especially for someone with small and/or uneven boobs who wants a bra that can give customized lift and shape.

11. Try New Styles

Out From Under Ari Strappy Front Triangle Bra , $24, Urban Outfitters

Rose's final piece of advice for small boobs and bras is a simple one: "It's fun to see what else you can get into with new styles." If you and your small boobs have a hard time finding a traditional bra to fit you comfortably while still giving you support, don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new bra styles.

So wearing a bra with a small chest doesn't have to be so horrible after all. Incorporate a few of these tips and you and your ladies will feel more comfortable and confident in no time!

Images: Courtesy Brands