11 Rad Photos Of Gauged Ear Piercings

When thinking about gauged ear piercings, you might conjure up images of alternative folks who are members of a musical subculture, like pop punk fans. Unless you're interested in getting your ear lobes stretched, it's possible that you may not have seen many photos of gauged ear piercings that transcend styles and aesthetics.

It's safe to say that gauges seem to be associated with folks who go against the grain of society and want to make a statement when it comes to their body mods — which is awesome, right? At the end of the day, gauges are probably one of the most invasive types of piercings you can get. IMO, that's where their appeal comes from. Gauges aren't something you see every day. Plus, you've really got to commit to having one, considering the amount of stretching involved.

You may think that ear stretching rose to popularity in the early '00s during the emo era, but it's actually got a much deeper history. According to BootsWebMD, in 1922 "Tutankhamun the mummified boy Pharaoh was discovered with stretched ears [and] statues of Buddha are often seen with dangling lobes."

Depending on the size of the hole, your gauges might not close up in the future. But with the resurfaced trendiness of this piercing, here are some super cool pics of gauged ear piercings to help you decide on the future of your lobes.

1. The Contemporary White Tunnel

Opt for a modern minimalistic look with a simple yet stunning white ear tunnel.

2. Put A Ring On It

Add a ring to your gauged ear piercing for a seriously edgy vibe.

3. The Stormtrooper Plug

Unleash your inner fangirl by taking advantage of the wide range of cool plug designs out there, like this space age stormtrooper style.

4. The Double Whammy

Double tunnels are twice as much fun and give you much more scope for experimentation to play around with your look.

5. The Rainbow Tunnel

Use a rainbow tunnel to stand up for your beliefs and spread the message of love.

6. The Dreamcatcher

This cute four-gauge plug resembles a dreamcatcher, which is perfect for anyone who loves a touch of whimsy in their life. If you love the dreamcatcher style, perhaps consider purchasing your jewelry from a Native American artist in order to appreciate Native American culture without appropriating it.

7. The Elegant Ear Lobes

Who says you can't look elegant with a gauged ear piercing? This gal wears metallic and beaded ear jewelry while adding a fancy, formal feel to her outfit.

8. The Dreamy Feathered Plugs

These beautiful, earring-style plugs made by Chrysalism are the perfect accessory for your summer adventures.

9. The Pretty Nude Plugs

These gorgeous nude plugs match perfectly with winged eyeliner and rosy lips for an overall feminine feel.

10. The Delicate Touch

Sport a double dose of golden ear embellishments, including a decadent ear plug for a truly opulent vibe. If you like what you see, you can pick up these plugs from Arka.

11. The Glittering Tunnel

Some days you just need to wear a little glitter, so sport these pink sparkly tunnels for an easy option with no mess to clean up afterwards.

These awesome gauged ear piercings prove that stretched lobes aren't just for grownup emo kids.

Image: Courtesy _emeraldweapon_/Instagram