America Wants To Ban These 7 Fashion Trends

The majority of the American people may not know who André Talley is or what a Chanel purse could cost them, but they do know one thing for sure: what they don't like. Vanity Fair and 60 Minutes recently teamed up to poll a random sample of 1,016 adults across the nation on their fashion know-how. In addition to asking questions like, "Whose fashion critique would you fear the most?" (majority answer: Joan Rivers) and "What would you estimate is the cost of your entire outfit?" (majority answer: $10-50), pollers were queried on what fashion trends they thought needed to die.

An overwhelming 64 percent really, really want low-hanging jeans to go away. Glad we're all on team high-waisted pants, America. Following far behind at 8 percent were fake glasses. Are people still doing that? I've always thought it was a little offensive to those truly vision-handicapped (i.e., ME). Rounding out the next five were Ugg boots (5 percent), clogs (5 percent), harem pants (5 percent), leggings (4 percent) and baseball caps (3 percent).

Here's the good news, Americans: Low-hanging jeans and Ugg boots are definitely on their way out. However, it seems the rest of those trends are here to stay. In fact, some are actually on the rise — clogs, baseball caps and harem-style soft pants are experiencing a resurgence. Here's our advice: go ahead and give these trends a try. We promise Joan Rivers will give you her seal of approval.