What's The Best Profile Pic On A Dating App?

Having a good profile picture on a dating app is important — it’s that first impression that determines whether someone’s interested or not. And it's not just about looks, it's key to have a a profile picture that accurately showcases who you really are. If you use the dating app, Happn, your profile pic could help connect you with that hot guy or girl you constantly pass on the way to work but never had the opportunity to actually meet. So, what’s the best type of profile pic you should be using on Happn?

Bustle recently teamed up with Happn and conducted a survey of 1,100 of its users to find out how they use dating apps. Overall, dating app users in their 20s and 30s tend to be pretty active throughout the entire day. And if you’re on there to find love, you’re not alone. You’re actually in the majority. As the survey found, 72 percent of women and 56 percent of men on Happn use the app to find a relationship.

So what are people using to attract their potential partners? A selfie? A fact shot? Or maybe something that shows off your entire body? Here’s what men and women are using and what's most effective:

1. Women Respond More To Face Shots

According to the survey of Happn users, 60 percent of women were more likely to respond to a profile picture with a face shot in comparison to just 35 percent of men.

2. Men Respond More To Full Body Shots

Over half the men surveyed were more likely to respond to a body shot than women. That actually works out for heterosexual users, considering that 58 percent of Happn users who use a full body shot as their profile picture are women.

3. More Men Use Selfies As Their Profile Picture Than Women

Sixty-two percent of selfies were from men versus 38 percent of women. However, men and women were even in the amount of profile pics containing face shots.

See more findings from our survey with Happn.

Images: Fotolia; Claire Joines; Giphy(3)