Plotting Jane Foster's MCU Comeback

Marvel's Norse god hero Thor took a break from the action this summer. Chris Hemsworth didn't appear in Captain America: Civil War, though many of his Avengers teammates and associates stood on either line of the Team Cap / Team Iron Man divide. But now, Hemsworth is back on set with his signature ponytail as Thor: Ragnarok films in Australia. Tom Hiddleston is also revisiting old territory as Thor's mischievious brother Loki in the third movie in the trilogy, but Thor's former love interest won't be making an appearance. Natalie Portman isn't returning as Jane Foster in Thor: Ragnarok. Is that the end of the astrophysicist in the movie superhero canon? Should Portman and the studio agree that she should make a comeback, here are a few ways Jane Foster could be re-incorporated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Before I list a few of those story possibilities, I have to point out that Portman herself seems to believe that her Marvel tenure is over. In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, the actor said, "As far as I know I'm done. I mean, I don’t know if maybe one day they’ll ask for an Avengers 7, or whatever, I have no idea." She added that the experience was "a great thing to be a part of," but seemed content to let the character go.

Still, comic book movies provide endless opportunities for reboots and resurrections. Even if Portman doesn't play her, Jane Foster could still be folded back into the MCU without a problem. Here's how.

Train As A SHIELD Operative

The party was a little crowded during Captain America: Civil War, but there is source material support for Jane to have been involved. She's against enhanced individual oversight in the comics and assists Team Cap's cause along with SHIELD. Jane doesn't need Thor's presence or permission to offer her services to the new, corrupted version of the agency in the movies either.

Merge With Lady Sif

Also in the comics, Thor's long-time friend and Asgardian mate Lady Sif transfers her energy and thereby her identity to save Jane's life. If Marvel ever wants to go a little Freaky Friday, Sif actor Jamie Alexander and Portman could swap personalities for a while.

Join A Brain Trust With Pepper Potts

I don't know where Pepper Potts was during Civil War, but I'm sure she was doing something important and productive. And maybe Jane was with her. I like the idea of Jane and Pepper dropping their dramatic superhero boyfriends to protect the world in their own efficient way.

Become Lady Thor

In 2014, the Thor of Marvel comics became unworthy to wield Mjolnir and the powers fell to one Jane Foster. That's right, Jane Foster is Thor in the comics and it would be everything to see that play out on screen. It's the kind of arc every former damsel deserves.

For now at least, it appears that Jane Foster is taking a Marvel breather. But comics are about reinvention and the door is always open to bring her back.

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