7 'Real Housewives' Who Are Judged Too Harshly

It is only natural to form opinions about the people who we watch on reality TV, but at the same time vieweres need to step back and realize that it is not always fair to form too negative of an opinion based on the small snippets of their life that we see on a show once a week. I feel like there are a lot of Real Housewives cast members who have been judged way too harshly. Obviously, these shows would be pretty boring if they only showed the best side of each person's personality, but I still feel like some of the ladies are unfairly hated on by fans of the series.

Some of the women have been public enemy number one right from the very start of their time on Real Housewives. Other really got knocked hard based on a specific story line. In my eyes, there are plenty of Housewives who get a bad wrap for no reason. In other situations, I just feel like enough is enough already. We get it. Everyone messes up every once in a while, but there's no need to vilify someone for the rest of her life.

These are the ladies that I think deserve a reprieve.

1. Teresa Giudice

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I am not by any means saying that people should look the other way when it comes to Teresa's criminal activity. I think that everyone needs to own their actions. With that said, I just don't think it's fair to solely characterize Teresa based on the fact that she went to prison. Yes, I think she can be more forthcoming when talking about her legal issues, but at the same time, I can see why she just wants to be more positive and move on, which is something that I think her critics should do, as well. Obviously, she majorly messed up, but let's not knock someone down further who is already at a low point.

2. Kenya Moore

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I understand that Kenya is polarizing. She has a big personality and she can throw the best shade, but what has Kenya done that is actually so bad? Even the biggest "scandal" that she was involved in actually turned out to be a terrible lie that involved wrongful slut shaming from viewers and fellow Housewives alike. To recap, Phaedra Parks' husband, Apollo Nida, accused Kenya of coming onto him and sending him inappropriate texts, but he admitted to lying about it years later. So, aside from getting a little flirty, did Kenya really do anything unforgivable on Real Housewives of Atlanta? No. And even if you are not a fan, you have to admit that the show would be boring as hell without her.

3. Kim Zolciak

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I know Kim is not a Real Housewife anymore, but she will always be one in my eyes. When we first met Kim on RHOA, she was dating a mysterious man named Big Papa who never appeared on camera. A lot of people hated on her for her relationship with him and have called her a gold digger ever since. I get that is not the best introduction someone could have, but there was probably much more to that whole situation than the viewers will ever know, and aside from that, it really feels like that was all a lifetime ago. Nowadays, Kim is married to her husband Kroy Biermann, has a spinoff show of her own, and is a mother of six with a very different life. Let go of the past.

4. LeeAnne Locken

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The Real Housewives of Dallas cast could not get LeeAnne's name out of their mouths during the show's inaugural season, but here's the thing: There would be no conflict without LeeAnne and with no conflict there would be nothing worth watching. I didn't always like LeeAnne when I was watching, and neither did the other women, but is she a horrible person? No. Sure, she didn't always have the best attitude toward the ladies and could be condescending when talking about her charity work, but LeeAnne is constantly doing charity work and helping others. People need to chill out and stop letting the bad outweigh the good, or at the very least don't let the bad prevent them from seeing that some goodness does exist.

5. Sonja Morgan

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Watching Real Housewives of New York City was a total nightmare for me in the early part of the most recent season. All of the ladies ganged up on Sonja Morgan and it really bothered me. Sure, they acted like they were coming from a place of concern when it came to talking to Sonja about partying less, but they really ostracized her to a point where I felt it was mean spirited. Everything Sonja did was constantly criticized and she didn't really get enough support. But later in the season, Sonja didn't even drink and she was still the life of the party. Come for her now, haters. #TeamSonja all day, every day.

6. Kim Richards

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I understand that everyone views Kyle Richards as the RHOBH golden girl, so when she's constantly at odds with her sister Kim a lot of people are not going to take Kim's side, but let's give her a break. I think that people have been very tough on her, when she has always seemed to treat people kindly no matter what she was going through. I just want people to approach from the position of trying to understand her instead of trying to cast judgments against her.

7. Kelly Dodd

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Listen, I'm not always the biggest Kelly Dodd fan, but she makes Real Housewives of Orange County so exciting to watch. Plus, she's stopped it from being the second season of the Vicki and Brooks Show. I know she has a loud mouth and drops a lot of curse words, but people never give this woman credit when she's actually right. For instance, when it came to Shannon Beador's '70s themed party, she had a poor reaction to the situation, but her feelings about it were totally rational.

Everyone messes up, says silly things, and embarrasses themselves, it doesn't mean that they need to be vilified forever and ever. Plus, we should really be thanking these people for making sure that the shows we watch are not boring.