Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' Lyrics For Everyday Life

Music from Frank Ocean was the gift that kept on giving over the weekend of Aug. 19 since he released his visual album Endless, followed by his full-length album Blonde. If you've been one of the many anxiously waiting for new music from Ocean, he more than delivered. Beyond just being excited to listen to his new songs and raps, you can be grateful to Ocean for writing some lyrics that resonate with everyday life. Ocean is a songwriting mastermind, so you shouldn't be surprised that there are plenty of lyrics off of Ocean's Blonde that you can use for a multitude of real-life situations — even if that was totally not his intention.

Yes, Ocean's Blonde should be listened to for much more than just how it can pertain to simple experiences. He has got some heavy themes going on in the songs on Blonde, like when he refers to Trayvon Martin in the first song, "Nikes." Some of his messages are particularly powerful, so make sure to give those lyrics their due by listening and thinking of their cultural impact. However, that doesn't mean you can't have fun interpreting some standalone lyrics for how they resonate with life's more frivolous moments.

If you've got a life of relative ease, here's how you can analyze the lyrics from "Blonde" so that Ocean can help get you through some pretty standard moments — from experiencing first love to wondering where summer went.

1. "I thought that I was dreaming/When you said you loved me" — "Ivy"

A delightfully sweet thought from Ocean that absolutely works for a new relationship when the L word gets dropped.

2. "I'm skipping showers and switching socks, sleeping good and long" — "Solo"

Sometimes there is no time for a shower. Take comfort when you're on day three of dry shampoo knowing that you're not alone in your filthy habits. You may be dirty, but you're so well rested!

3. "Be yourself and know that that's good enough. Don't try to be someone else. Don't try to be like someone else, don't try to act like someone else, be yourself. Be secure with yourself." — "Be Yourself"

These words left on a voicemail aren't technically Ocean's lyrics, but who can deny this positive message from Mom? Although, if you like partying, you're probably going to ignore this mom's other advice.

4. "That's a pretty f*cking fast year flew by" — "Skyline To"

The older you get, the quicker time seems to go by. As your next milestone birthday comes up, cry into your birthday cake knowing that the years are just going to keep flying by.

5. "Summer ain't as long as it used to be" — "Skyline To"

In the same vein as the last lyric, remember when summer vacay seemed to last forever before school started? Where the hell did summer go? Well, at least Ocean released music toward the end of summer 2016 to make the transition to fall easier.

6. "Some nights you dance with tears in your eyes" — "Self Control"

You force yourself to go out to the club and dance, but realize you weren't emotionally prepared for it. Hide those tears in your groove, my friend.

7. "And you made me lose my self-control, my self-control" — "Self Control"

If you had any self-control to begin with, you can blame losing it on your new crush.

8. "You text nothing like you look" — "Good Guy"

This lyric perfectly articulates the perils of online dating.

9. "Did you call me from a séance?/You are from my past life/Hope you're doing well bruh" — "Nights"

Some people are just not meant to stay in your life. Past friends or ex significant others may reemerge like the Ghost of Christmas Past. Just send them on their merry way with good wishes and keep on doing you.

10. "I'll buzz you in just let me know when you outside" — "Nights"

Oh, the struggles of apartment living.

11. "So I say 'I'm in front of you, I don't need to accept you on Facebook'" — "Facebook Story"

Ocean lets the DJ sebastiAn rehash a tale of a breakup caused by not accepting a Facebook friendship. If you view social media as a necessary evil, this lyric is for you.

12. "I will be honest, I wasn't devastated/But you could've held my hand through this, baby" — "Close To You"

Ever been dumped over the phone via a text or a call? Yeah, you didn't care about the person that much, but where is the human decency?!

13. "I will always love you how I do" — "Godspeed"

That moment when Ocean articulates your feelings toward him.

Ocean's lyrics go much deeper than this list, but hey — you still have your everyday life to live and Blonde will always be there for you.

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