What Do Former 'Big Brother' Stars Think Of Paulie? They Have Many Not-So-Nice Opinions

It's not really clear if Paulie's time in the Big Brother 18 house changed him or if he simply started showing his true colors over time, but by the time he was evicted, Paulie was certainly the least popular person in the game. After some behavior that made other houseguests feel uncomfortable and lobbing a flurry of sexist comments towards some of the women in the house, Paulie found himself getting sent home to the jury to the joy of many Big Brother fans. But, what do former houseguests think about Paulie and his actions?

As it turns out, many former Big Brother contestants are not fans of the Calafiore brother. While Paulie may have started the game with enough charisma and competition prowess to get him to the end, he was undone by his own hubris and his excessively negative comments towards women. As many former Big Brother houseguests are women — or at the very least don't have problematic attitudes towards women or generalize large groups of them like Paulie generalized supposedly fake "Jersey Girls" — opinions about him have not been overwhelmingly positive. Here's what former BB stars have been saying about the controversial contestant.

Anyone But Paulie

BB15 winner Andy has been an outspoken Twitter commentator since his season, and has made no attempt to hide his opinions on Paulie during the Jury Buyback.

Putting Paulie On Blast

Janelle came in 3rd during BB6 and BB7: All Stars, which means she's surely come across her fair share of disagreeable houseguests. But, she seems to dislike Paulie most of all.

Eye Rolls For Days

Leave it to notorious BB13 winner Rachel Reilly to use a GIF of herself on Big Brother to describe her feelings towards Paulie, but after his conversation with the ladies in the Big Brother house is there really any other way to communicate those emotions?

Tea, Please

Despite not winning in either BB3 or BB7: All-Stars, Danielle Reyes is often considered one of the greatest Big Brother players of all time. She has no patience for Paulie while she's watching from the comfort of her own home, and one can only imagine how brutally she may have torn his ego down if they had both been in the house at the same time.

Boy, Bye

It's no secret that Jozea's twitter game is on point, and it's equally unsurprising to learn that he's not a fan of Paulie. In the very first week of Big Brother, Jozea and Paulie were sitting next to each other on the eviction couch. Perhaps if everyone had known how things would go with Paulie earlier on, fans would've had a scenario that included a glorious extra week or two of Jozea in the house.

Brotherly Love

Paulie's biggest fan in his darkest hours has been his brother Cody, who has refrained from speaking on Paulie's behavior and stayed his staunch supporter.

While it might be a relief for Paulie to get out of Jury soon and away from the houseguests that dislike him, it looks like he is going to have a lot to answer for when he logs onto social media.

Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS