'Girls' Lena Dunham Is Worried for Hannah & Adam and You Should Be, Too

In real life, Lena Dunham's relationship with her boyfriend might be strong enough that they're going on double dates with the Obamas, but in the world of Girls, Dunham's Hannah's love life is kind of a mess. Although the newly-hired GQ writer has been in a serious relationship with Adam (Adam Driver) for the duration of the show's third season, recent episodes have shown the couple starting to drift apart. Last week, things took a turn for the worse when, after a nasty fight, Adam revealed that he was moving out of their apartment. If fans of the duo thought that was the end of Hadam (Adnah? Handam? Just go with it), you can be assured that's not the case — but, according to Dunham, who spoke alongside members of the Girls cast and crew at a Television Academy event on Thursday, that doesn't mean all is well for the series' main couple.

In response to a question from the panel's moderator, Dave Karger, about, on a scale from 1-10, how nervous he should be for the couple, Dunham chose the route of honesty.

"Keeping in mind that you should just be an eight of worried for everyone on the show all the time, I would say that, you know, the current Hannah and Adam situation... it's at least a seven," Dunham said.

"It's not a spoiler to tell you that things aren't going great," she added.

Yet before fans in the audience could start frantically tweeting "Hannah and Adam are over!!" from their cell phones, the Girls creator made sure to give a glimpse of hope at the couple's future.

"I will say that there's a lot of love between those two characters," Dunham said. "They are coming at it from that place, but they have a lot of trouble being on the same page at the same time."

The lesson being: don't count out Hannah and Adam's happily ever after completely, but you probably shouldn't be betting on Hannah putting that engagement ring to use anytime soon. The bigger thing to be worried about, though, is what happens if the couple actually does break up; will Adam Driver, now an in-demand actor with a burgeoning film career, take the opportunity to leave the show?

Thankfully, the series' executive producer, Ilene S. Landress, at Thursday's panel assured fans that an Adam-less Girls will never be a reality.

"Given the New York real estate market, nobody can really move that far away," Landress said, laughing.

Spoken like a true producer, yes, but nonetheless, it's a welcome confirmation. A Girls without Hannah and Adam as a couple is one thing — the dysfunctional pair could probably use a break — but without Adam all together? Girls is a great show, but if we've learned anything over the past three seasons, it's that the series is nothing without its guys. Let's hope Landress and Dunham stick to their promises and keep Driver around, because a Girls without its loveably acerbic weirdo is a show we definitely don't want to see.

Image: HBO