Watch Out, Matthew McConaughey, Patton Oswalt is Totally Coming for your Roles

Just when you thought you couldn't handle one more True Detective parody, Patton Oswalt goes and does something like this! Donning a shabby ponytail and mustache a la Rust Cohle, Oswalt promotes his latest Comedy Central stand-up special with all the philosophical pinnings of Louisiana's most tortured detective. Because in case you missed it, Patton Oswalt is always so on-point with everything happening all of the time (Behold for he is your Savior of Twitter).

Comedy+Truth=Time is the latest offering of the stand-up/general great human being. The title is a play on the 'ol rule that truth+time=comedy, and based on the True Detective-inspired promo, you just Oswalt is going to get REAL with all of us. In a totally poignant, and painfully funny way. Not only does the clip offer us just a wee taste of what to expect in the upcoming special, it also brings us the return of the beer can men! Oh, how we've missed those little red, aluminum beings of insanity.

And though there's yet to be any word on the casting or storyline of #TrueDetectiveSeason2, Oswalt has given the Twittersphere plenty of fodder with his Cohle impersonation. Now one last time for the cheap seats in the back, we present yet another True Detective "Time is a Flat Circle" parody that is oh-so-worth watching.

You can catch the premiere of Oswalt's special airiing on Comedy Central on April 6th.