Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen's 'True Detective' Sequel Parody Is Hilarious — VIDEO

With TV phenomenon True Detective 's first season finale last Sunday, many fans were left unsatisfied, whether because the mystery was too neatly wrapped up, or the female characters still remained unrealized, or their HBO Go malfunctioned or perhaps, because they found it so compelling that they simply couldn't wait for Season 2. Of course, we all know by now that Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson won't be reprising their now-iconic roles as Rust and Marty when the show picks up again; the series, like American Horror Story, will be an anthology, accruing an entirely new cast and mystery with each season. Much speculation has been cast on who those new protagonists might be — because, really, how will we go on without more McConaissance — and now, Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen have arrived with an answer: themselves. In a sketch for Jimmy Kimmel Live, the two savvily parodied the show, from its interview-based format, featuring a cameo from one of the actual interviewers, right to present-day Rust's ubiquitous Lone Star cans (seriously, how much did they have to pay for that product placement?!).

Sure, just like the series itself, the video has a fair number of misses along with its hits — a "LOL wut if they were gay?" twist falls rather flat — but, just as with Rust and Marty, when these guys hit their stride, they really shine. The idea that Rust's existential ramblings might be reduced to Cher lyrics is worth a watch alone. So, while we all twiddle our thumbs waiting to see what Season 2 holds in store, here's a fond look back at what the original might have looked like with two comedians at the helm: