Taylor Swift's Cat Meredith Is Way More Picky About Her Squad Than Her Owner — VIDEO

After being out of the spotlight for a bit, Taylor Swift reemerged for New York Fashion Week. From sitting front row at Gigi Hadid's Tommy Hilfiger show to hitting the town with Lily Aldridge, she's really living it up. But despite the glamour of NYFW, she also needs time to relax. That's probably why on Wednesday night, she had a girls' night in with one of her besties — and her pet. On her Instagram story, Swift shared videos of Martha Hunt hanging with her cat Meredith. And apparently, the cat likes Tay's bestie better than she likes her. Yikes! This means Meredith is more picky about her squad than her owner, who's much more accepting. Hunt and Meredith's newfound friendship stole the show, leaving Swift as the third wheel.

In the funny clips, Swift narrated: "She really loves you. This is a beautiful moment." Making the scene all the more perfect, they're sitting alongside a giant cat pillow. Hunt replied, "We're finally bonding." And how exactly did they bond? By taking selfies, obviously. Swift can be heard saying, "They're taking pictures together now. She never takes pictures with me. Look at them." Poor Tay. Sounds like Meredith found a new BFF. It's also fascinating that Hunt is some kind of cat whisperer, who can win over the otherwise unfriendly feline. She must have the magic touch.

Check out the video below:

And here's a screenshot from the last vid, where Swift deemed the experience an emotional roller coaster. It may have been that way for her, but Hunt actually seemed quite content, sipping her wine with a cat on her lap. She's practically living the dream.

Further showing that Hunt and Meredith really bonded, the model posted a video on her own Instagram story of the cat drinking from the faucet. She was amazed by the behavior, and rightfully so. She may call Meredith the "weirdest cat ever," but to me, that sounds like a term of endearment.

All I know for sure is that Swift's cat has a new favorite human. And if Meredith doesn't change her ways, maybe she'll get a song written about her on the next album. "Bad Blood: Part II" perhaps?

Image: Taylor Swift/Instagram