This Clip Could Feature New Taylor Swift Music

If there's one thing that Taylor Swift fans have come to rely on, it's the singer's ability to release new music like clockwork. 1989 came out in Oct. 2014, meaning that it's been nearly two years since Swift's last record, and that's usually the very strict deadline she works to. It's the most important schedule in any Swift fan's life; Red came out in Oct. 2012, Speak Now in Oct. 2010, and you can see how this works, right? Despite claims that the singer wouldn't be releasing an album in Oct. 2016, a new video clip revealed on Snapchat sounds an awful lot like the "Shake It Off" performer. Do we finally have evidence that Taylor Swift is releasing new music, or is this snippet just a collaboration or a demo? Let's investigate.

Swift's bestie Gigi Hadid recently revealed that the singer had started working on new music following her break-up from Tom Hiddleston. And while we all wanted Hiddleswift to be the real deal, many speculated that their love story was in fact an elaborate music video or PR stunt. The new audio clip sounds a lot like Swift, so is it possible that Hiddleston was enlisted to star in the video for the Red singer's new single? Please let it be true.

The video clip was shared on Snapchat by country singer Kelsea Ballerini, who's close friends with Swift. Hiddleston and Swift even went on a double-date with Ballerini and her partner in Nashville in June, so the possibility that the clip features vocals by Swift is within the realm of possibility. While not everyone's convinced that the vocals sound like the Speak Now singer, the style of the song and its lyrics feel very Swift-esque.

The subject matter seems to revolve around a relationship that was good but has now ended, a topic which Swift writes about often. Since 2016 has involved two high profile break-ups for the singer, it seems realistic that the Snapchat video really does feature a new Taylor Swift song.

Even though the video clip only gives us 10 seconds of music, so much is revealed in its four short lines. The beautiful lyrics — “We didn’t know it, thought we could grow it, beautiful for a moment, we were roses" — hint at a relationship that had a lot of potential, but didn't last as long as everyone hoped that it would. This could be referring to the relatively short-lived Hiddleswift romance, or the more serious relationship the singer had before that with Calvin Harris. Either way, the snippet certainly feels like a Swift song, though there's no word as yet on if it's her new single or a collaboration with Ballerini.

As it's not been confirmed whether or not Swift is singing, fans have to be prepared for the possibility that the song sounds like her, but isn't actually her. Swift could have written the song for Ballerini or another artist, which is why lyrically and musically it sounds so much like her. It's also possible that she's collaborating with Ballerini, or is a guest vocalist on someone else's new record. Either way, fans shouldn't give up hope altogether, even if it turns out that Swift isn't involved with this particular song. Especially since Gigi Hadid has confirmed that the musician has started creating new music again.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if Swift came out with a brand new album, on schedule, in Oct. 2016. The singer is a miracle worker, and has no shortage of ideas or material. Ballerini's clip has given me a lot of hope.

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