Cop Everything In ColourPop's Dusty Rose Fall Edit

by Augusta Statz

When it comes to seasonal beauty, this brand is slaying the game. ColourPop is about to release its third fall collection, and these items just keep getting better and better. What’s in ColourPop’s Dusty Rose Fall Edit? More completely on-trend products, of course!

Better save your money, too, because you’re going to want to purchase all of these incredible colors once they launch on Sept. 22. In addition to Plum and Terracotta, ColourPop is bringing you Dusty Rose. There are four lippies and three eyeshadows in the collection, and they’re just the kind of shades you need in your life. Because seriously, you are going to live in these. All. Fall. Long.

Viper and Times Square from the Labor Day Promo will be available to shop in this line-up. There are also two Ultra Satin Lips in the mix this time around. Those liquid lippies and the three shadows (two shimmery and one matte) combine to create the must-have makeup items of the season. Each of the shades are in the “dusty rose” color spectrum, of course, but some are more pink than others, and there’s even a great shade with a hint of lavender in there. So, really, no matter what level of rose-coloring you’re feeling (cause not everyone’s super into pink, after all) there’s something for you!

I'm all about that dusty rose, for sure.

Times Square and Viper were available through the Labor Day Promotion, but if you missed out on that, now's your chance to shop these shades again. These are definitely the most rose-y options of the bunch, if you ask me.

The final two swatches show the lippies that have a satin finish. I love the lilac coloring of the Femme shade. Just too pretty!

These Super Shock Shadows are seriously gorge.

You've got to add these to your collection, ASAP. There are a lot of fall-ready colors here. So, bring on the Pumpkin Spice Lattes and let the leaves drop as the may because there's nothing you can't handle while sporting these shades.

Images: ColourPopCo/Snapchat (4)