All The Reasons Carly & Evan Won't Stay Together After 'Bachelor In Paradise'

Anyone who watches The Bachelor and all its spinoffs already knows that it doesn't exactly have the best track record where lasting relationships are concerned. Even so, the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise turned out three engaged couples, proving that maybe reality show love doesn't get the credit it deserves. However, there's one couple I'm not too convinced about: Evan Bass and Carly Waddell. It was definitely interesting to see their relationship develop over the course of the season, but is it really built to last? There are so many reasons there's no way Carly and Evan will stay together, so if you're rooting for them, you might be headed for heartbreak.

Of course, I'm willing to admit that their love story was adorable. I'm realistic, not heartless — and not sure that it gave them the foundation for something that will last forever. As awesome as it would be to see them walk down the aisle (probably to some obscure song nobody else has ever heard of) eventually, I'm not convinced it's ever going to happen.

Here's why Carly and Evan just aren't going to last. And even though it seems like they're not going to get their happy ending, I'd love it if they proved me wrong.

1. Carly's Feelings Had Kind Of A Strange Start


Carly didn't like Evan at first, and she was pretty clear about that. In fact, she only realized she was into Evan after he had to trick her into spending time with him when he was injured and had to go to the hospital. That sounds like a pretty shaky start to a relationship that's supposed to last forever to me.

2. They're Two Very Different People

Carly's a super free spirit who's into music. Evan is... Evan. They don't exactly have a lot in common. You don't need to like everything your partner likes, but there does need to be some common ground, and other than the fact that they've both starred in various Bachelor shows, I haven't seen what theirs is.

3. Those Who Know Evan Aren't Convinced, Either


While talking to Hollywood Life, Evan's ex-wife said she doesn't think they'll ever get married. Admittedly, this is a woman who has no reason to say positive things about the guy she's no longer with, but they were together for a long time. It's not a good sign she doesn't have faith in them!

4. Reality Love Isn't Easy On Anyone

Between being in the spotlight and the rumors that are always cooked up about Bach alums, Carly and Evan have a difficult road ahead of them. Hopefully, Jade and Tanner are ready with plenty of advice for them!

5. The Things Carly Said On Camera Could Come Back To Haunt Her


Evan's already admitted that he was hurt finding out things Carly said about him before she changed his mind about her feelings for him, but what if that part of their relationship comes back up in a future argument? It has the potential to ruin them forever, because hearing the person you love make fun of you on camera is probably really, really hard to forget.

6. They Don't Know Each Other That Well

They didn't spend a ton of time together before deciding to get engaged on national televison, so essentially what we have here are two people planning a wedding who didn't know each other last Memorial Day. Maybe if they take it slow their chances of success will skyrocket, but I'm willing to bet there's still a lot they don't know about each other, and when they find out it could mean bad things for their relationship.

7. The Odds Are Against Them


For most Bach couples, relationships end in a breakup instead of a marriage. It's just statistics!

8. They Live Super Different Lives

Until now, Carly's been a single gal in her twenties living on her own terms. Evan is older and has three kids. Now, they're going to make those two different lifestyles into one. That can be a lot to adjust to!

It seems like Carly and Evan just aren't built to last, but I'm really, really hoping I'm wrong. They both deserve a happy ending, and if they get it with each other, I'm prepared to eat my words. Besides, who doesn't love a good BIP wedding?

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC, Giphy (4)