Punny Beyoncé 'Lemonade' Costume Inspiration

With Halloween fast approaching, you should probably figure out your costume, stat. If you're stumped about where to start, why not look to Beyoncé for some Halloween inspiration? Her visual album Lemonade was one of the year's biggest pop culture moments and this could be your opportunity to celebrate that in all its glory. But instead of being boring, take things up a notch. How exactly? With puns. I've decided come up with some ideas for punny Beyoncé themed Lemonade costumes. Only the most loyal members of the Beyhive should keep reading.

Sure, you could opt for a classic Beyoncé get-up or channel one of her looks from her music videos (like one of these costume ideas). Or you can embrace your clever side and love of corny jokes. I can't be the only one who loves a good pun, right? Plus, it's worth noting that none of ideas on this list are incredibly difficult or expensive to make. It's like a DIY dream, especially for someone who wants to be crafty, but still a little lazy.

I will warn you that some of the ideas are a little cheesy. But aren't the best puns? You may roll your eyes, but hopefully you'll smile too. Because as the old saying goes, when Beyoncé gives you Lemonade , make Halloween costumes. (OK, so that's probably never been said, but it totally should be.)

1. The Lemonade Album

This DIY costume is essentially the Lemonade album personified. First, you're going to get a plain yellow t-shirt or sweatshirt — whichever your heart desires.

This yellow v-neck is only $5 at Walmart. Talk about a bargain! Or, you can get the yellow T-shirt below from Ava & Viv for only $9 at Target, available up to size 4X.

The reason I'm choosing cheap shirts is because... You're about to write all over it. Grab a black fabric marker (like the ones below from Michaels sold for $2.79).

Then adorn your T-shirt with the names of ALL of the songs on Lemonade . Here's a little mock-up I made:

You can be as artsy as you'd like — varying the size and direction of the various titles. By the end, you'll be like a walking Beyoncé album. Pair the top with leggings, pants, a skirt... basically, whatever you're most comfortable in. Ideally something yellow.

The final touch? A jug of lemonade to really bring the look together. You can even check Simply Lemonade's site to find the nearest store to you. Everywhere from Walmart to Target to Walgreens carries the stuff. Prices may vary, but it should cost around $3.

2. When Life Gives You Lemons...

This costume is for two friends, so grab your BFF or significant other. It's a play on the phrase "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." The Lemonade here is Bey's album, of course. Person #1 will dress up as "Life" and hold a bunch of lemons. Person #2 will be a big Beyoncé fan, holding the CD and wearing her merchandise. Get it?

Person #1

If you can find a T-shirt that already says "Life" on it, great! But if not, you can easily make it yourself. Get a plain T-shirt, whatever color you'd like. The crewneck blue shirt below is on sale at Target for under $7 and available in other colors.

Or go for one of the v-neck options via Ava and Viv for only $9 at Target. (Or just use a T-shirt you already have.)

Using a Sharpie (or the fabric marker from costume #1 on this list), you will write "Life" in large letters on your shirt. Something along the lines of this...

Then, for only $10, you can get 15 realistic looking lemons from Target that you can carry around in a bag or basket. And afterwards, you can use them as a coffee table decoration (their intended purpose).

Now, for your partner in crime...

Person #2

This person will be representing Beyoncé's masterpiece, Lemonade. They can simply wear a T-shirt that explains this for them.

This Lemonade shirt from chuckytee.com is $19.95. Not only is it a bargain, but it's available in multiple colors. The sizes run from small to 4XL. If you think it will be chilly on Halloween, feel free to opt for the hoodie option, but you'll pay $20 more.

As a finishing touch, you can carry around a copy of Bey's album and wear headphones. You should already have it in your possession, but if not, it's $17.42 on Jet.com.

Or if you want to save money, just print out a copy of the album cover and carry that. #ProblemSolved

3. "Love Drought"

This costume is inspired by the ballad "Love Drought." Bey belts out, "You and me would stop this love drought." This costume is pretty straight forward and simple. Just like the previous example, you can totally decorate your shirt yourself.

You'll need a pink or red tank top, such as this one from Target for $4.50.

Or try this red-and-white striped tank top from Target that's $19.99.

Once again, you're going to need those handy fabric markers. (Or if the shirt is too cute to permanently write on, you could always tape a sign to your shirt.) Either way, you're writing "Love Drought," like so:

Tying into the love theme, this heart headband should do the trick. It's just $2.49 on M&N Party Store's website.

Then, just because it's a perfect excuse to wear a tutu, get yourself one of those. For only $4.99, the Hair Bow Company sells adult tutus in a variety of colors and sizes ranging from S to 3XL.

And finally, to get the whole thirsty/drought aspect in there, you're going to carry around a giant water. Get one of those gallons of Poland Spring. (Empty, of course.)

You should be able to find any jugs of water at your local grocery store. If not, Amazon sells them for $4.99. And ta-da! You're a literal interpretation of the Beyoncé song

4. The Beyhive When Lemonade Came Out

This costume totally works for a group. You're basically going to dress up as bees that belong to the Beyhive (aka Beyoncé's fan base name). You can either opt for one of these pre-made bee costumes from Party City. It's $24.99 and available in straight or plus size.

Or you can DIY to your heart's desire. Get a yellow dress, like this one from Amazon available in sizes S-4XL. At $26, it's super cute.

Then, get black electric tape from somewhere like Staples ($3.49). Use this tape to draw your own bee stripes. I can't make any promises, but I'd like to think it won't damage the dress so you can peel the tape off later to wear it again.

Throw on some bee antennae, such as these ones for sale at Amazon for $5.79.

To really take your fandom to the next level, get a plain sash. You can write "I <3 LEMONADE" or even just "Beyoncé's #1 Fan" on it. Again, the fabric markers mentioned earlier are perfect for this sort of thing. Amazon sells sashes in a variety of colors, but the pink one is $5.78.

Feel free to add any other Beyoncé accessories you want to really complete the look. These adorable buttons are only $1.99 from PinsAndPoster's store on Etsy.

And as a final touch, carry around some lemons. Yes, it's necessary to convey just how much you love Lemonade. If you don't need the full set of 15 mentioned earlier, you can get 10 fake lemons from Michaels for only $7.99.

Don't they just look so realistic?

5. "Ain't Sorry"

One of the best tracks on Lemonade is easily "Sorry." To play off of the lyrics, where Bey repeatedly makes clear that she "ain't sorry," this costume is unapologetic too.

First, get a comfortable plain white T-shirt, like this one on sale at from H&M for only $4.99. It's a men's shirt, but doesn't necessarily matter. Or try this more flowy option below — available in sizes L through 4XL. It's also from H&M and only $12.99. (Or, again, just use a T-shirt you already own.)

Next, you'll need to decorate the shirt. Draw something similar to my example below.

I'd recommend using red and black fabric markers (like these ones from Michaels for only $6.49) or even Sharpies.

To really send the message home, you can purchase this "Hello, My name is..." name tags from Office Depot. They're only $6.29 for 100. You can write "Ain't Sorry" in the name spot.

As a final touch, throw on this lemon scarf from H&M. It's only $7.99 and will be a perfect accessory all fall. You can wear it on your hair or around your neck.

Feel free to carry around the fake lemons from costumes #2 or #4, or a jug of lemonade. Any lemon-related accessories really drive the message home.

Hopefully, you're feeling especially punny and inspired for Halloween. Now go out there and make the rest of the Beyhive proud!

Images: Walmart; Target (6); Michaels (3); Simply Beverages; ChuckyTee.com; Jet.com; M&N Party Store; Hair Bow Company; Amazon (4); PinsAndPosters/Etsy; Party City; Staples; H&M (3); Office Depot