11 Of The Coolest Blue Halloween Wigs To Give You Some Costume Ideas For 2016 — PHOTOS

Wigs let you morph into an entirely different character in seconds, and on Halloween, a great wig can make or break your entire costume. When it comes to your spooky festivities this year, the best blue wigs for Halloween [have got you covered so you can you can] will allow you to try out a new persona for the night. Think about it: If you're going to wear a wig, you may as well push the boat out and go for something bold and blue!

The coolest thing about blue wigs is they can be used to accompany a variety of different costumes. Think mermaidens, space babes, sailorettes, '90s kids, and more! There are also some super popular animated characters that rock cerulean manes. These pop culture faves include folks like, Marge Simpson, Joy and Sadness of Inside Out, plus a selection of Sailor Moon heroines and villains. You could even put your own twist on your favorite cartoon characters by creating your own My Little Pony character or dressing as one of Ariel's sisters.

All costumes aside, think of it this way: If blue hair works for Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner in everyday life, there's no way it couldn't make a rad addition to your Halloween costume. So here are the best blue wigs for Halloween that'll suit a range of characters, or help you to unleash your inner alter ego.

1. The Marge Simpson Wig

The Simpsons Women's Deluxe Marge Wig Blue, $19, Target

Folks who want to dress like the most famous woman in Springfield will definitely need a cerulean column wig in the style of Marge Simpson.

2. The Mermaid Wig

Mermaid Blue Ombre Wig, $22, Hot Topic

A mermaid Halloween costume would not be complete without a long, wavy wig — bonus points if you can find a shell bra to match.

3. The Blue Bob

ASOS Bubblegum Blue Faux Hair Wig, $25, Asos

This bright blue wig would look great with a Ramona Flowers costume, especially if your partner or friend dresses as Scott Pilgrim.

4. The Sailor Mercury Wig

Ami / Sailor Mercury Custom Wig, $75, Etsy

If you've always wanted to dress like a Sailor Scout, Halloween provides the perfect opportunities. Fans of Sailor Mercury can get their mitts on this brilliant blue wig that'll have you in fighting spirit in no time!

5. The Smoky Blue Strands

Rbenxia 32'' Women's Cosplay Wig Hair Wig Long Straight Costume Party Full Wigs Smoke Blue, $10, Amazon

This luxe, smoky blue wig is perfect for any aspiring cosplayers who want to transform into their favorite anime characters this Halloween.

6. The Kylie Jenner Copycat

Custom Kylie Jenner Celebrity Inspired Ombre Brown/Powder Ice Blue High Quality Heat Resistant Lace Front Glueless Wig, $133+, Etsy

Gals who love keeping up with the Kardashian/Jenner clan will adore this wig that's inspired by Kylie Jenner's icy tresses.

7. The Light-Up Wig

Women's Intergalactic Light Up Wig Blue, $13, Target

Make an unforgettable first impression as you waltz into a Halloween party wearing this cosmic light-up wig.

8. The Thing 1 & Thing 2 Wig

Dr. Seuss Cat In The Hat Thing 1 & Thing 2 Wig, $15, Amazon

Fun loving literary fans who don't mind looking a little silly will have a blast in this quirky wig inspired by Dr. Seuss' Thing 1 and Thing 2 characters.

9. The Nautical Masterpiece

Blue Curly Wig With Attached Pirate Ship, $95, Etsy

This retro wig — nay, wearable piece of art — will work wonders with a vintage inspired sailor dress.

10. The Blue Beehive

Beehive Costume Wig Blue, $21, Target

Glamorous gals who have a soft spot for the '60s will enjoy rocking this rad beehive wig that, IMO, makes a cartoony nod to Hairspray the musical.

11. The Female Hades Hairstyle

Hades Female Underworld Lace Front Fire Blue Wig Custom Couture Styled, $225, Etsy

If you've ever fancied yourself as the ruler of the Underworld, Halloween is the perfect occasion to see how the crown (or in this case, wig) fits. This epic wig is inspired by Hercules ' Hades so you can put a unique spin on the classic devil costume.

It's safe to say, blue wigs make the coolest Halloween costume accessories. So choose your favorite shade or character and transform into a sapphire-haired siren!

Images: Courtesy Brands