Here's What TV Show You Should Watch Next Based On Your Fave 'Stranger Things' Character

It has been months since Stranger Things Season 1 ended, and the show is still consuming my every thought. Is Eleven going to be OK? What is up with Will and the slugs? Is Hopper working for the government now? Since it is going to be awhile before any of these lingering questions are answered, there is only one thing to do: watch a new show. I know, I know, it won't be the same, but to ease your pain let your favorite Stranger Things character choose the show you should watch next.

Each Stranger Things character had a unique personality all their own, and the character you loved the most says a lot about your tastes. I have matched shows to each of the main characters' personalities to help you find a new show to love while you wait for Season 2. Not all of the shows on the list are supernatural-flavored, but the important thing is I am sure the corresponding character would absolutely adore their show if they weren't stuck in the '80s with like 10 channels to choose from.

Find your favorite character below and prepare to meet your next TV obsession. Nothing will ever beat the Upside Down weirdness, but these shows will at least keep you occupied until Stranger Things Season 2 arrives.

Joyce Byers: Broadchurch

OnSeCulture on YouTube

The mother in Broadchurch has no hope to hold onto when her son is found dead on the beach, but the mystery surrounding his death reveals dark truths about the small seaside town the family lives in. Fans of Joyce will appreciate the way Broadchurch handles grief as well as the intricate mystery driving the story.

Jim Hopper: Twin Peaks

Stefano Pagnotta on YouTube

Hopper would find a kindred spirit in FBI Agent Dale Cooper. Both men find themselves stumbling upon seriously strange happenings during what should be routine investigations, and their lives are never the same again. Also, if Hawkins has a sister city out there it is probably Twin Peaks.

Mike Wheeler: The Wonder Years

Time Life on YouTube

This heartwarming coming of age story will speak to all you Mike fans out there. Sweet Mike is so Kevin Arnold it hurts. If he and Eleven had not been forced to deal with that whole Upside Down problem, they would definitely have been the next Kevin and Winnie.

Nancy Wheeler: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

perfectubenow on YouTube

The story of a teen girl realizing her full potential after a weird supernatural event? I think Nancy would relate. If you are looking for another story about a teen girl dealing with a weird town, boy troubles, and slaying big bads, then Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the show you have been looking for.

Dustin Henderson: Gravity Falls

disneychannel on YouTube

Dustin's sense of humor, loyalty, and instant acceptance of Eleven's powers are major hints he would adore Gravity Falls. The animated series is all about a strange town where weird things are constantly happening to twins Dipper and Mabel, and it is just the kind of cartoon Dustin would watch on a Saturday morning with a big bowl of his favorite cereal.

Eleven: Orphan Black

BBC America on YouTube

If you love Eleven, then you need to give Orphan Black a shot. The clone conspiracy drama features young women grappling with their existence while also trying to figure out their own complex backstories. The show also boasts a breakout lead in Tatiana Maslany, much like Stranger Things introduced the world to Millie Bobby Brown.

Lucas Sinclair: Burn Notice

MacPhoenix82 on YouTube

Lucas is like a young MacGyver thanks to his upbringing in a military family. His tactical skills and loyalty to his friends remind me so much of Burn Notice's Michael. The spy show is a must for fans of Lucas and his undeniable coolness.

Jonathan Byers: Freaks & Geeks

Shout! Factory on YouTube

If you loved high school misfit Jonathan you owe it to yourself to watch Freaks & Geeks, the ultimate ode to growing up weird in the '80s. Lindsay and her friends are Jonathan's people, and the show even shares Stranger Things' '80s aesthetic.

Will Byers: The Fades

BBC on YouTube

Will spent the majority of Season 1 missing, but you still got a good idea of what his personality was like. Add in the part where he is sure to be a major player in Season 2 now that he has survived his encounter with the Upside Down, and it is easy to see how the Dungeons & Dragons loving Will could be a fan favorite. The underrated British series The Fades not only has lots of parallels to Will's story — it's about a boy who keeps seeing an eerie other side to the normal world (or so he thinks) — it could offer hints about what is next for Will.

Steve Harrington: Parks & Recreation

satam55 on YouTube

Steve fans, I am leaving it up to you to get to the bottom of this whole Steve is Jean-Ralphio's father conspiracy.

Barb Holland: Daria

UnknownSubs on YouTube

Before Barb, there was Daria. With her unique fashion sense and deadpan humor, Daria is the show fans need to watch if they want to remind themselves sometimes the Barbs of the world win. They don't all end up getting eaten by the monster in the Upside Down, sometimes they become the face of a generation of girls who knew how to own not being the stereotypical cool kid.

I hope you let your Stranger Things love lead you to one of these awesome shows. Stranger Things is irreplaceable, but that does not mean you cannot fall for another show (or two) while you wait for the next season.

Images: Netflix