11 Netflix Movies To Watch If You've Seen Them All

If you're like me (and, well, most people), then Netflix is your go-to source of entertainment. Have an evening to yourself? Watch Netflix. Feeling bored before work? Watch Netflix. It's a totally normal habit, and yet this level of constant streaming sure can make it easy to run out of things to watch.

The true diehard Netflixers among you have likely already seen Stranger Things, as well as all the new standup specials, like Iliza Shlesinger's Confirmed Kills. You probably made short work of Master of None and Narcos, as well as every documentary that's ever been posted. So I totally get it if you feel like you've exhausted all that Netflix has to offer.

But ever notice how this is especially the case with movies? I feel like they aren't updated as often as all the dramas and sitcoms. While I can't say this with absolute certainty, it seems some of them have been on there for ages .

If you noticed the same thing, never fear — I have rounded up a list of Netflix movies for those of you who have seen damn near everything. There are thrillers, some comedies, and even a few horrors movies. Go ahead and check 'em out.

1. Housebound

Housebound is the perfect "scary" movie just in time for Halloween. I say "scary" with giant quotation marks because — while it has some jump-inducing moments — this New Zealand film is way more of a dark comedy. And it's absolutely hilarious.

2. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

If you haven't seen this movie yet, then by all means give it a watch whilst it is on Netflix. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind is what I'd call a sci-fi anti-romantic comedy. It'll make you think about all your old flames, but the interesting plot means those feels are totally worth it.

3. Bernie

This one by Richard Linklater (of Boyhood fame) is perfectly strange. It features Jack Black as a mortician who befriends a widow, played by Shirley MacLaine. It also stars Matthew McConaughey as his usual bizarre self.

4. Moonrise Kingdom

Yay for some Wes Anderson movies being on Netflix. (I feel like that never happens.) If you dig his stuff, then check out the adorable Moonrise Kingdom.

5. Nightcrawler

Want to watch Jake Gyllenhaal be all creepy? Then check out Nightcrawler, which follows his character as he tries to make a career out of filming crime scenes for the news.

6. Zack And Miri Make A Porno

If you love Seth Rogan and Elizabeth Banks, then you gotta see this comedy. The two play platonic roommates who have to, well, make a porno in order to pay their rent. So funny.

7. Tangerine

Tangerine was mighty popular at Sundance last year not only because it is funny and real, but because it was shot entirely on an iPhone. If you didn't know, you wouldn't be able to tell. But knowing makes it all the better.

8. Man Up

I love me some Simon Pegg, so I'm glad to see that his movie Man Up is on Netflix. If you're in the mood for a romantic comedy, then watch this cute one about a blind date gone awry.

9. A Fantastic Fear Of Everything

OK, so I wasn't kidding about Simon Pegg. While you're at it, also check him out in A Fantastic Fear Of Everything. It's a comedy/horror movie that anyone with anxiety and phobias will totally related to.

10. God's Pocket

Here's another great Sundance film starring the incredible late Philip Seymour Hoffman. God's Pocket is about a boring, nowhere town that is shaken up by a murder. Even if that doesn't sound like your jam, watch it solely for Hoffman's performance.

11. Hush

Need one more for Halloween? Then try Hush. It's about a deaf woman who's all alone in her house. Or is she? (Dun dun dun...)

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