Weird Halloween Makeup Looks That Are Oddly Easy

Halloween is almost here guys and ghouls! If the mere thought of organizing your Halloween costume sends shivers down your spine, or makes you feel like projectile vomiting green puke à la The Exorcist, weird Halloween makeup looks that are easier than they seem might be your saving grace.

It's not that you don't like Halloween per se, it's just one of those holidays where you have to have a basic level of beauty or DIY skills, so that you don't end up spending a fortune on a store bought costume. If money's no object to you, but you're not so gifted when it comes to hair and makeup, you may feel frustrated at being unable to make your creative ideas come to life. That's the problem with having a good imagination — you have all of these fantastical ideas, but obviously no-one is good at everything, so most of them don't ever see the light of day. So when it comes to Halloween makeup, you might have some rad ideas, but perhaps not the beauty know-how to put them into practice.

This is where the wonder that is YouTube comes into play. Of course, there are some insane Halloween makeup tutorials that some YouTubers make look super easy, but in reality, you need a ton of niche products, a very steady hand, and an artistic flair to create. So here are some unusual Halloween makeup looks that are surprisingly easier than they appear.

1. The Broken Doll

This tutorial, featuring a clever use of shading to create a 3-D effect, is cute, creepy, and easier than you'd imagine.

2. The Scarily Simple Stitched Mouth

With a dash of liquid latex and some pieces of string, you can create this stitched mouth makeup that looks terrifyingly tricky, but in actual fact, is quite simple.

3. The Third Eye

All you need for this spooky look is to create the appearance of a third eye with makeup and false eyelashes. The finished look is fabulously freaky!

4. The Glam Grayscale

Sure, you could dress as a silver screen siren, but to set yourself apart from all the other vintage vixens this Halloween, go for a grayscale look for an authentic feel.

5. The Medusa Makeup

Creating serpentine scales may look hard, but it's actually a piece of cake! This YouTuber demonstrates how to create hypnotic Medusa makeup.

6. The Sarah Sanderson Style

Although this makeup look in general is not particularly weird, it is way more unusual to dress as a particular witch – like Sarah Sanderson of Hocus Pocus – than any old enchantress.

7. The Freaky Queen Bee

If you're a self-confessed makeup novice, this Queen Bee inspired look probably appears to be your worst nightmare. But, if you take a peek at the tutorial you'll see it involves ready made prosthetics applied with spirit gum and sealed with latex. Then it's just a bunch of brown, black, and yellow makeup with falsies and fake bees to finish it off. Making your own prosthetics is much easier than it sounds and there are multiple videos showing you how to do it online. On the other hand, you could always ask a prosthetics pro (perhaps someone off Etsy) to make them for you.

8. The Rainbow Zipper Face

There are plenty of folks rocking the whole gory, zipper face look, so be a little different and unleash your inner unicorn with this oddly easy, colorful look.

9. The Robo Babe

A little liquid latex goes a long way in this futuristic tutorial that helps viewers achieve makeup inspired by The Terminator; a robotic look that's actually quite straightforward.

10. The Other Mother

Fans of Coraline will adore this wickedly creepy tutorial that shows you how to resemble Coraline's Other Mother, button eyes included.

11. The Harley Quinn Club Version

Let's face it, you're going to spot a million-and-one gals dressed as the beautifully insane Harley Quinn this Halloween, so go for a more unusual take on Harley by choosing her club scene costume. This is an awesome pick for folks who hate frightening Halloween costumes. It looks pretty opulent, but it's all smoke and mirrors and actually involves bright makeup and a touch of glitter.

You can put the brown paper bag down now and relax — pick one of these makeup looks that is easier than it seems and piece together a costume in advance. Don't let your costume worries ruin your Halloween!

Image: BeautifulYouTV/YouTube