The New 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Poster Celebrates Coffee & The Show Would Truly Not Be The Same Without It

In the past few months, Gilmore Girls fans have had their minds and hearts repeatedly sent into overdrive thanks to a slew of marketing teasers that all appear to be hiding some form of clue for the upcoming revival. And, sure, maybe we're all just so excited that we're reading far too much into the nuances of Instagram posts and minute details of the first Gilmore Girls revival trailer, but we obsess because we care. However, all that obsessing and speculating can be exhausting, so I'm beyond happy to see that the new Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life poster is delivering the simplistic, caffeine-infused perk-up that we all so sorely need.

Released on Thursday, (which was also aptly National Coffee Day), the poster shows Lorelai and Rory holding an oversized coffee mug each in front of their faces. The oversized white mugs are positioned perfectly in front of their mouths, giving them both the coffee mug equivalent of pronounced, cartoonish, toothy grins. And it's totally perfect, not only because it's a loving celebration of Lorelai and Rory's adoration of (and dependence on) coffee, but also as a reminder of how important coffee is to show itself.

It isn't just a delicious, stimulating substance that helps the Gilmore women to get through their day. The drink has actually been a crucial catalyst for starting many important relationships or putting certain events into action.

I mean, let's look firstly at what is perhaps the most important romantic relationship of the entire show: Luke and Lorelai. Obviously, it makes fantastic, romantic sense that a woman with a real bad, addiction to caffeine may inevitably fall for a man who makes the best damn coffee in town, but Lorelai's caffeine problem is more than just a quirk. It's the first immediate reason why she makes a lasting impression on Luke in the first place.

As the latest Instagram post from the official Gilmore Girls profile recently reminded fans, Luke kept a horoscope in his wallet from the first time he ever met Lorelai. Naturally, on this momentous day, Lorelai came storming into Luke's diner demanding (as always) some coffee, to which Luke was his usual, rebutting self. He eventually yielded to her demands and served her some of that sweet, java jive, and, in return, Lorelai asked when his birthday was. She then ripped out his horoscope from the paper and wrote under his star sign, "You will meet an annoying woman today. Give her coffee and she'll go away."

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As you may remember, Lorelai then told him to keep it in his wallet, because one day it would bring him luck. And, oh boy, my heart seriously melts whenever I think of Luke recounting this memory to Lorelai, because it's beyond adorable (he kept that horoscope for eight years, guys). Coffee is the prime instigator of this meet-cute, and, accidentally or otherwise, you could easily point at Lorelai's primal need for caffeine as being the Cupid arrow that eventually brought the two of them together.

It's worth remembering, also, that on the occasions when Luke and Lorelai felt out with each other or broke up from each other, that she also avoided going to Luke's Diner as a result. And, man, did the coffee everywhere else suck. Though she may not have been able to verbalize how much she missed Luke as a friend or a lover, she was always able to verbalize how much she missed his coffee — almost as though it came to symbolize the special bond that she shared with him, and how vital it is to her everyday happiness.

And then we have Rory's relationship with coffee, which is a little less obsessive than her Mother's, but which still plays a prominent role in her life. When she goes to Yale, for instance, the coffee cart where she and Marty get coffee from every morning also happens to be the place where she meets Logan for the first time (even if he is a total ass during this first meeting).

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Later on in the show, it becomes the reliable spot for Logan to wait and find Rory at times when she might be broken up from, or not speaking to him. After all, she's not dependent on Logan, but she definitely is dependent on coffee. This reliability (including her routine preference for a particular place to buy it from) is what Logan occasionally counts on in bringing them back together somehow. It's almost as though Logan yearns for Rory to need him quite as much as she always needs her daily cup of coffee (spoiler: she doesn't. And I can totally relate — coffee before guys, forever).

But at the heart of Gilmore Girls, coffee serves a far more important purpose — it highlights the bond between mother and daughter, and the parallels between them both. Their friendship is one of the most crucial components of the show, and their shared love (and need) for coffee is a detail around which their relationship thrives. It isn't just a quirk that unites them, but also one that gets their day started in unison.


Rory's love for coffee (which Luke is clearly unhappy about serving to her in Season 1, due to her age), is even used to exemplify her maturity in the early seasons, highlighting the idea that she takes care of Lorelai just as much as Lorelai takes care of her. They enjoy coffee together, and it gives them a shared daily experience; it's basically a liquid form of the traditional, daily family dinner for the two of them. The elixir which gives them an excuse to sit around a table together each day and speak their minds and share their experiences at a mile a minute. Coffee is love, you guys.

Which brings me back to this latest Gilmore Girls revival poster, which may seem on the surface to simply be celebrating Lorelai and Rory's intense love for coffee, but which actually does seem to be suggesting a little more. It seems to be celebrating a certain sense of maturity for the two of them along with how strong their relationship remains to be, by having them posed as almost a mirror image of each other. That bond remains unbroken, and those old routines may not have changed.

There are some habits you just can't break, and when it comes to the caffeine desperate habits of the Gilmore Girls, I'm seriously glad about that fact.

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