11 Things We Know About Nick Viall's 'Bachelor' Season Contestants So Far

It's an exciting time in the Bachelor world. The new Bachelor is being filmed, which means an exciting show come January and a crop of new Bachelor characters. Nick Viall was announced as the new Bachelor not too long ago and was quickly whisked off to film his season. While the show itself won't premiere until January, there have been many spoilers scattered around the internet. It's nearly impossible to film a popular show without some of it being caught early on camera phones or by sneaky spoiler experts. Fans are eager for any information about the new ladies who chose to go on TV to find love, so here are 11 things we know about Nick's contestants so far.

There's so much that we will only discover when the show premieres. There are villains to create, true love to be found, and new ways of fighting for a rose to be revealed. I'm just a hungry fan eager for some information, so some of these spoilers are just speculation. The truth will be told on the rose filled battle for love in January. Until then, we'll cling to the photos and speculation. That's all we have for now.

1. The Contestants Are Young

While Nick is 36 years old, many of Nick's women are in their 20s. Not only do these women look younger in the photo Fleiss tweeted out above, but Reality Steve also revealed some of their ages on his site. It'll be interesting to see how these young women relate to a Bachelor who is a bit older.

2. An Opportunity For Diverse Contestants

It is no secret that the Bachelor franchise has had some issues with diversity, mainly the lack of contestants of color that make it deep into the show. Jubilee Sharpe, a Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise alum, hinted that Nick is interested in a diverse set of women. This could mean more contestants that aren't just white women from Texas.

3. Outgoing Contestants

Nick Viall was the runner up on two seasons of the Bachelorette. Both those seasons featured a Bachelorette who was confident and outgoing. Kaitlyn Bristowe is funny and bold, Andi Dorfman is strong and independent. Nick has openly said that he likes outgoing women, so I'm sure casting will deliver just that.

4. Contestants Who Also Model

It's not shocking that Nick, who has a bit of a modeling career going himself, may find himself dating women who have also modeled. That's not to say that the women will only be models, just that some will have tried their hand at it. Just check out the Instagram modeling of one of his alleged contestants (as reported by Reality Steve).

5. Contestants Who Are Willing To Look Silly

Nick has been on two seasons of the Bachelorette and has participated in his fair share of silly group dates. It was recently reported that Nick and some of his contestants were spotted dancing with the Backstreet Boys in concert. That takes guts and the willingness to look silly to do.

6. Social Media-Savvy Contestants

Being on the Bachelor or Bachelorette is great for a person's Instagram and Twitter follower numbers. That's just a fact. Many of the contestants use this boost in followers to earn money through advertising. Nick's contestants will be aware of this and may already have social media skills. An alleged one already has 54K followers on Instagram.

7. Brunette Contestants

This one is a little less complicated. Nick seems to have a thing for brunettes, and what's gotten Nick to fall in love before will most certainly be used again. That's not to say that there won't be a beautiful blonde here and there, but I would predict many of the top contenders have brown hair.

8. Contestants Who Are Hopeless Romantics

Nick has been ready to propose on a Bachelor franchise show twice before, and he's gone on the franchise three times. It's clear that the man is a romantic. He believes not only in love, but that it can be found on TV. It's obvious that some of his contestants will share this opinion.

9. Contestants Who Value Family

Nick is a 36-year-old man who has 10 brothers and sisters and an ever growing family, not to mention he has a little sister ready to interrogate them if they get the chance to meet her. It's important for contestants to want to be a part of his big family.

10. A Contestant Who Looks Like Ivanka Trump

Show creator Mike Fleiss tweeted out that there's a contestant who looks just like Ivanka Trump. So there's that important information.

11. Contestants Willing To Play Along

This is the 21st season of the show. That's an insane number of roses, group dates, proposals, and tears. By this point, contestants know what they're signing up for. Whether wearing a veil on a first date (as tweeted out by Mike Fleiss above) or opening up on TV, these contestants know the drill. And Nick himself is a vet of the show, so he really gets it.

Hopefully, we learn more in the coming months. January can't come soon enough.