Nick Viall 'Bachelor' Spoilers Reveal Some Of His Contestants — PHOTOS

Leading man Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor hasn't even finished filming yet and it's already rife with spoilers, rumors, and delicious tidbits. In fact, filming has only just begun, but the world is a beautiful place where we have Mike Fleiss' (the show's creator) Twitter account. Since night one of Nick's journey, Fleiss has been tweeting behind-the-scenes photos and insider observations because, it turns out, Bachelor fans do deserve nice things. Some of what Fleiss has given a sneak peek at are this season's contestants. So, what can we tell about Nick's Bachelor contestants from Mike Fleiss' spoilery tweets?

Well, not a whole lot. I mean, beggars can't be choosers and fans are fortunate to even get a couple of photos before the season begins. Nick has to be one of the most anticipated Bachelors to step into a tux, so any information that Bachelor Nation gets fed is likely to be dissected with the precision of a skilled surgeon. What we have here are three tweets that have photographs of a handful of lovely contestants that will be vying for Nick's heart. As it is of utmost importance that we know what to expect out of the mansion this time around, let's pick these photos apart, shall we?

There's A Sea Of Brunettes

It is unusual to see so many raven-haired ladies in the mansion. Usually blondes tend to be the majority on night one. But, if you take a look back at Nick's previous love interests, he does seem to have a preference for dark hair.

They Rebelled Against The Uniform Policy

In a shocking turn of events, the ladies seem to have opted for evening gowns instead of the usual... oh, wait.

The Mansion Decor Is Interesting

Is it just me, or is the mansion looking like it's at a cheese level of right around 100? Maybe clever editing makes it look less cheesy on television? This is like seeing how the sausage is made.

They're Happy

It is fun to see a group of ladies look like they are getting along in The Bachelor mansion. It's like the calm before the inevitable, multiple storms that we can look forward to.

The Blonde Woman Meeting Nick Could Be Around Awhile

She looks like she means business. I can't explain how I know but she is going to be a frontrunner. Maybe it is her super sparkly dress but she gives off an in-it-to-win-it vibe.

Wedding Bells?

Looks like one date may involve a mock wedding. Seems a bit early for that, but hopefully Nick and the chosen lady played along so it wasn't too awkward.

Ultimately, we got a treasure trove of information from only three vague photos. This season will be full of brunettes, frontrunners in sparkly dresses, and someone is gonna wear a wedding dress. Who else is super psyched for Nick's season?