How Much Are ColourPop’s Ultra Glitter Eyeshadows? These Shiny Shades Are Priced Just Right

As usual, ColourPop is absolutely slaying. Let me tell you what, their upcoming product launch is one for the books. They’re launching eyeshadows with a new mega glittery finish, and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited for it. How much are ColourPop’s Ultra Glitter Eyeshadows? You’re in for a treat.

These products are ridiculously affordable, as are all of ColourPop's goodies. According to the brand’s Snapchat, the shadows will be on sale for $5 each. Now, you’ve got an extra five bucks lying around don’t you? You bet you do! Even if you have to skip your morning coffee to afford it — it’s totally worth it.

The shadows will become available to shop on Oct. 6. The range features five different bold colors that are packed full of glitter. You are going to absolutely stand-out in these shimmering shades. There’s a shiny gold color, a bold rust, a smoky gray, a bright green and a dark purple in this line-up. So, if you’ve got a little more than $5 at your disposal, you’re going to want to purchase even more of these shades. Let’s be honest. You need all of these in your life. A sparkle factor like this doesn’t come around often. Go on and take advantage of it! Indulge yourself a little. Because everyone could use an extra dose of glitter.

Bold pigments and tons of radiance? Don't mind if I do!

Let's get an up-close look at these, shall we? Umm, YAS.

They look amazing when that glitter reflects the sunlight.

But, there's no stopping these babies. Because even when you step inside, that shimmer just won't quit!

Ultra Glitters are a must. I hope you have your cash ready because it's nearly time to pay up!

Just go ahead and take it all, ColourPop!

Images: colourpopcosmetics/Instagram (1); ColourPopCo/Snapchat (4)