Alfonso Ribeiro Relives Donald Trump's 'Fresh Prince' Cameo & So Much Has Changed — VIDEO

Oh, the '90s! The decade always spurs major nostalgia, probably because things seemed way simpler back then. In case you need proof, look no further than this Fresh Prince of Bel-Air scene starring Donald Trump. In a video interview with People, Alfonso Ribeiro (aka Carlton Banks) re-watched the clip featuring the presidential hopeful. And while he can still bust out Carlton's dance moves years later, his opinions on Trump have surely changed. On the show, Carlton practically fainted in excitement over the businessman's appearance. Nowadays, the actor who played him feels quite differently. Ribeiro said,

"Back then, you could love the Donald. Right now, I have a little different opinion of him. I try to stay away from the Donald."

Considering the clip is from 1994, a lot has changed in the past 12 years. It makes sense that it was a fun little cameo at the time. Now Trump is the presidential nominee of the Republican party and his stances are polarizing, to say the least. That could be why Ribeiro made sure to distinguish between Carlton's beliefs and his own. He said, "I look at anything I’ve done on TV as acting. So that’s clearly that character and his opinions there."

Something that hasn't changed? How great the Fresh Prince moment truly was. Check it out — along with Ribeiro's commentary — below.

And because Carlton's reaction was so amusing, here's it again in GIF form.


See what I mean? Pure gold.

By the way, Ribeiro still thinks highly of Trump's ex-wife, Marla Maples, who also appeared in the clip. In fact, the two bonded at the Dancing With The Stars premiere. He had nothing but kind words and said, "She’s wonderful. I enjoyed talking with her — she’s amazing." It's nice to know he's on good terms with at least one person from that Fresh Prince scene.

After all of this '90s nostalgia, I feel like busting a move. Something along the lines of this:

Long live Carlton and his over-the-top reactions.

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