Kids Say Amazingly Smart Things Sometimes

Kids say the darndest things. Or, according to the AskReddit community, kids say amazingly smart things. As adults, it can be easy to take for granted just how insightful and introspective children can be, especially when it comes to heavy topics like love and loss; what's more, kids can also be outrageously funny, often without meaning to. As such, it's perhaps unsurprising that when Redditor Grumphump posted a thread today asking other Redditors, "What's the smartest thing you've heard come out of a child's mouth?", the answers flew fast and furious.

It's easy for adults to fall into a particular way of thinking such that we look at the world with only one mindset. After all, as we get older, we get into our routines and our ways of understanding how things "work," so it can feel like there is no point in questioning it. But that's where kids come into the picture, with their endearing yet mind-blowing thoughts and feelings. Brevity is usually key when it comes to kids being insightful; isn't it always the one-liners from the mouth of an innocent child that makes your head swivel? Kids generally have an innate sort of creativity, too, that allows them to see the same situation we are and get a totally different reaction out of it.

In a world where we tend to be pretty busy, it's nice to slow down once in a while and see things through each other's perspectives. And why not add children into the mix? Thanks to AskReddit, we can check out a curated list of some of the smart things kids say all the time.

1. A Lesson In Self-Awareness

This one is probably good for all of us to remember. After all, what is life without the pursuit of knowledge?

2. This Kid Already Understands Pavlov

I sense that this kid is well on their way to becoming a social scientist.

3. Your Dose Of Daily Enlightenment

If that's not the deepest thing I've read today, I don't know what is.

4. A Valid Distinction Regarding Art

Who doesn't crave a little depth during arts and crafts? This kid has it down pat.

5. Learning Doesn't End In The Classroom

This kid is just here to casually remind us all that learning only ends when we stop asking questions.

6. This Kid Knows We All Start Somewhere

Need a little boost after a long day? Just remind yourself that even experts are beginners at one point or another.

7. Love Lessons From Kids Always Ring True

While it's probably a good time for Lamont to learn that you can't just kiss people without their permission, his sentiment on love and care is extremely smart and aww-inducing.

8. This Kid Knows Their Rights

It's important to educate yourself and know your rights, even from a young age. Good going, little pal!

9. Warning: You May Need Tissues For This Revelation

I'm not crying. You're crying.

10. A Little Reminder That We All Once "New To This World"

Whenever you need to sit back and think about all you're working through in your life, just remember this: We're all new to this world in our own ways and that sentiment can be used again and again, even as we get older.

Check out more insightful snippets from kids over at the growing thread at AskReddit!

Image: Krewr Studio/Pexels