Over the past couple of years, the popularity of pastel colored hair has gone through the roof. It appears pink locks are still going strong — because let's face it, they are gorgeous — so you might want to know how to make pink hair dye last, in case you're contemplating joining the leagues of Pink Ladies of the world.

As you'll surely remember, pink hair exploded into the fashion mainstream in 2015, like a beautiful salmon erupting through the surface of the style world. A plethora of celebs embraced the pink hair trend, such as Kendall Jenner who rocked bubblegum pink locks, to Hilary Duff who sported a silver and pink 'do. It's easy to see why so many folks opted for this pretty color; it's fun, and not too in your face.

You might have predicted that rosy colored tresses would die out at the dawn of 2016, because these days, hair trends move at a rapid speed. However, pink hair seems to have earned a place in the hearts of everyone, including the most trendy style-blazers like Kylie Jenner, who wore pink locks for New York Fashion Week this spring. Plus, Fernanda Ly, the cool pink-haired fashion model, was spotted at September's London Fashion Week 2016, not to mention on the runways in recent years.

So if pink's the hue for you, here's how to go about making your pink hair last longer.

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I spoke with Brian O'Connor, celebrity colorist and Creative Director at goodDYEyoung, to get the lowdown on how to make pink hair dye stay put. FYI, goodDYEyoung is Hayley Williams' hair color line that she launched earlier this year.


When it comes to making pink hair last longer, O'Connor tells me over email, "I would recommend not washing your hair as often, if you have to only shampoo your scalp, the suds from your shampoo are enough to clean your ends as you are rinsing it out." So it might be a good idea to invest in some dry shampoo, to help your hair last longer between washes.

In addition to this, O'Conner advises, "Try to avoid a lot of heat." Keep the use of heated hair tools to a minimum — try not to resort to your hairdryer, straightening irons, or curling wand on the regular.

Another great tip O'Connor tells me is to, "Add some of your pink to your conditioner, this will deposit a little bit of pink into your hair every time you condition it." Think of it as a little hue spruce-up, in-between your touch-ups.

So don't be put off dyeing your hair pink because you're afraid it'll fade fast, follow this expert advice to keep your pink hair dye pigmented for longer!

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