Tips For Dyeing Brown Hair Rose Gold Because This Shade Is Trending Hard

Rose gold hair is everywhere right now, so if you're a brunette who wants to try this pretty shade on for size, you'll likely need some expert tips for dyeing brown hair rose gold. Back in early September — with the assistance of Butterfly Studio colourist Tamara DeFelice — the psychic beauty babes over at Popsugar predicted that rose gold blonde would be huge this autumn. Guess what? They were bang on.

Less than a week ago, the queen of hot trends, Kylie Jenner, debuted her rose gold strands on Instagram. As usual, when Kylie changes her hair, everyone online went crazy and she almost broke the internet like big sister Kim. But we mere mortals can't be to blame for our fangirling, because rose gold looks absolutely stunning on Kylie and IMO, it's her best hue yet aside from her natural color.

Although she seems to have popularized this hair color trend, Kylie actually wasn't the first star to rock it. Earlier this year, Ashley Tisdale flaunted rose gold hair again and fellow Bustler Kali Borovic reminded readers of the fact, plus she mentioned all the other celebs who have sported this shade, including Rumer Willis and Emma Roberts.

So if you want to be fall appropriate, or you just adore the shade, here are some tips for dyeing brown hair rose gold from Brian O'Connor, celebrity colorist and Creative Director of Hayley Williams' hair color line, goodDYEyoung.

O'Connor tells me over email, "Going from brown to rose gold will definitely take pre-lightening your hair in the areas you want to see rose gold." So it may not happen as quickly as you had hoped, especially if your original shade is particularly dark.

Araya Diaz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

O'Connor says, "As a professional, I would recommend seeking the help of a professional, the lightening process can be lengthy and messy." It's always a good idea to trust the experts, especially when it comes to dramatically changing your hair color. Because, as you likely know, hair-lightening can easily go wrong if done incorrectly. Even if you do manage it at home, O'Connor explains that it probably won't look as seamless as it would had a pro done it for you.

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"There are many shades and variations of rose gold, so make sure to know what tone you are really wanting to see." O'Connor advises. He adds, "After you're lightened up though, it will be very simple for you to keep up this look at home yourself." This is great news for gals who are either time or cash poor and can't make it to the salon for their everyday haircare needs.

So remember, if you want to become a rose gold goddess, you'll need to pre-lighten, it's best to get help from a professional, and it's easy to keep up once you're rocking it. You'll be living la vie en rose before you know it!