Jordan & JoJo Are On The Wedding Path Post-'Bach'

The Bachelorette is a fantastic show for a variety of reasons, one of them being that after just a few months, a pair of former strangers get engaged, and, every once in awhile, the couple actually stays together and gets married. So far, recent Bachelorette couple JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers are on that path, having gotten engaged at the end of the most recent season. But, a Neil Lane ring does not automatically guarantee a lasting relationship, so are JoJo and Jordan still getting married?

All signs and social media point to yes, despite the rocky start the couple got off to.Jordan's motives for being on the show were questioned during the series airing and JoJo was critiqued for picking him. All Bachelor couples are met with some criticism, but JoJo and Jordan seem to get a little extra. Despite this, the couple appear to be staying strong post show.

Not only are JoJo and Jordan still together, they are now living together in Texas. Jordan has a brand new ESPN college football analyst job that bases him in Texas with plenty of opportunities to travel. The two seem to be settling into the rhythm of the "real world" and constantly share with fans their happily-togetherness.

I think that the rushed process of the Bachelorette creates a longer engagement then normal. I see Bachelor world engagements as symbols of commitment rather than a definite promise to walk down the aisle. So the fact that JoJo and Jordan haven't set a date yet is normal. They still seem to be on the path to marriage.

JoJo and Jordan seem like a normal couple trying to date and make it work off TV. Not every couple in the Bachelor world stays off TV. Both Jade and Tanner as well as Sean and Catherine made an appearance on Marriage Boot Camp . Ben and Lauren are so popular that they were able to score their own show on Freeform. Ben and Lauren Happily Ever After follows the couple as they navigate their post Bachelor days. But, JoJo and Jordan aren't on TV, so it's harder for fans to see everything that is happening. But, photos and the facts (living together, kissing a lot) show a happy couple on the right track.

I can't help but root for Bachelor couples. It may be the romantic in me — I've cried at the past three weddings I've been to. Or, it may be that there is an enormous pressure on these couples and seeing anyone go through a public breakup is hard. My guess is JoJo and Jordan are still on the marriage path. I wish them all the luck in the world. And if they want to date on TV again, I'm ready to tune in.