Kylie Is Bonding With Tyga's Son

When it comes to Snapchat, Kylie Jenner is not shy at all. The reality star is constantly updating her fans about her makeup line, her dogs, and everything in-between. While her life is an open book in many ways, there are some aspects she keeps private. She very much flaunts her relationship with Tyga, but when it comes to the rapper's son, King Cairo, he's rarely seen — until now, that is. On Wednesday, Jenner shared a mirror selfie with King and it's sweet to see them bonding. According to People, this marks the first time he's ever appeared on her Snapchat.

Considering he's only 3, it makes sense she doesn't post photos with him a lot. Privacy and maintaining his youth likely factor into that. Plus, things are a little complicated, since King's mom, Blac Chyna, is engaged and expecting a child with Jenner's brother, Rob Kardashian. Don't forget that whole incident of Kardashian recently leaking her phone number. But because their families are about to get even more intersected (Chyna's due date is Nov. 16, FYI), there's no better time for Jenner and King to bond. When Chyna and Kardashian tie the knot, King would become her nephew-in-law (or whatever the technical term may be). And hypothetically down the road, if she ever married Tyga, he'd also be her son-in-law.

You can see their mirror selfie below. And yes, in case you were wondering, Jenner's shirt says, "Kylie & Tyga" in giant graffiti letters.

While she doesn't post pictures with King on a regular basis, I'd have to guess they do spend time together often. Just look at that smirk on her face, she seems happy to be posing with him. Back in July, Jenner and Tyga took King to Six Flags. He may not have appeared in any of her posts from that day, but King's dad shared a snapshot with him before going on a roller coaster.

Sure, Jenner and King's connection may be confusing to explain in words, but it doesn't matter whether he's her "son-in-law" or "nephew-in-law." What's most important is that Jenner and King get along, especially because their lives overlap so much. He's just a kid, so there's no need to get him entangled in any unnecessary drama.