Why Kim Kardashian Might Finally Speak Out Soon

It may have been two weeks since Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in France, but she's maintained her public silence ever since — something that's definitely weird for fans who have followed the star for awhile. Being that she's built her career on the way she uses social media, it's been so strange to see her Twitter and Instagram accounts remain completely untouched, and I've been trying to figure out when she'll be back. Fortunately, though, I'm pretty sure the wait is almost over. I think Kardashian could break her silence soon — very soon.

Update: On Monday night, Kardashian's assistant, Stephanie Sheppard, updated fans on her website, stating that "Keeks is taking some much needed time off" and that her friends and family will be providing new content on her website and app in the meantime.

Earlier: Since the robbery, so many reports have come out claiming that Kardashian is planning to take a step back from social media, which has certainly been the case so far. After such a horrifying experience, anybody would make changes in their life to keep themselves safe, and it seems like being less open online is one of the steps she's taking. But I wouldn't be surprised if Kardashian ended up speaking out for the first time either right before or soon after the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians premieres on Sunday. It seems like the perfect opportunity for her to rejoin the social media world again, and I have a feeling that she'll take it.

She may have gone through a lot lately, but Kim Kardashian is still Kim Kardashian. I can't imagine the hardcore businesswoman inside her would let her own show air without trying to promote it at least a little bit. Besides, with new episodes of KUWTK back on the air, fans will be looking to Kardashian to respond to all the reports about her robbery more than ever, and it seems like the perfect time for her to finally return to conversing with her fans, even if she elects not to mention what happened to her at all.

Plus, it doesn't sound like Kardashian has chosen to stay passive about what's happened to her — at least, not according to her French lawyer, Jean Veil. Recently, Veil told Us Weekly that said she is "very calm and determined" about getting to the bottom of her attack, which sounds just like the Kardashian the world has always known.

Ultimately, when and if she decides to address the robbery is totally up to her, but I hope Kardashian decides to speak out soon. I miss seeing her on my Twitter and Instagram feeds. Let's be real: Social media just isn't the same without her — or without ridiculously cute photos of North West.