Kim Has Had To Deal With A Lot Since The Robbery

It's been more than a week since Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in France, and it seems like every day, more and more news about the situation is coming out, and not all of it is good. It ranges from scary updates, like the one about alleged the secret recording of the attack's aftermath, to things that are so insane I couldn't have even imagined she'd have to deal with them. There are so many ridiculous things that happened to Kardashian after her robbery, and it makes me feel even worse for her than I already do.

Being robbed and attacked is obviously a traumatic experience no matter who you are, but I can't help but notice that Kardashian has had it especially rough. Because she's so famous, she isn't just dealing with being robbed — there's a whole other host of other issues that have cropped up that probably wouldn't have happened if she wasn't a celebrity. And while some people might say that's just how it goes when you decide to live your life in the spotlight, it doesn't seem fair to me that she's been handed all these extra struggles when she's already trying to cope with something so difficult and horrifying.

Here are all the absolutely ridiculous things that Kardashian has had to deal with in the days since her robbery, because there have been a lot of them. Can we all collectively agree to give this lady a break?

1. There's Been So Much Victim Blaming

It seems pretty simple: Somebody gets robbed, and it's the robber's fault for breaking the law. But when Kim Kardashian gets robbed, somehow it's her fault — for putting her life out there via reality TV and social media, for flaunting her wealth, and a laundry list of other equally as insane reasons. Imagine having someone steal some of your most valuable belongings and then being told it's your own fault? Not cool, world. Not cool.

2. Three Words: The Halloween Costume

If you haven't seen it yet, there was an actual Halloween costume of what some costume designer somewhere imagined Kardashian looked like as she was robbed. An actual costume of someone in one of the most terrifying moments of her life. This is real. Fortunately, it's already been removed from the costume site where it was sold, but really?

3. Of Course, Lawsuits

As her lawyer confirmed with Bustle, Kardashian is now suing MediaTakeOut for allegedly making false claims about her robbery, so add that to the list of things she has to stress out about after becoming the victim of a crime. (Bustle has reached out to MTO for comment, but has not yet received a response.) To me, the worst part is that this could very well be just the beginning of legal battles that will result from the way her robbery has been reported.

4. Her Friends & Family Are Constantly Hounded

I'd imagine it's hard for anyone in Kardashian's circle to go anywhere without being asked about the robbery, and when Khloé Kardashian aappeared on The Ellen Show this week, she gave a heartbreaking update on how her sister is coping. If I were her, I'd probably just want to be left alone, but that doesn't seem like an option for her.

5. Life Without Social Media

If you haven't noticed, Kardashian has gone radio silent on Twitter and Instagram since her robbery. As someone who is equally as addicted as she is, it would kill me to stay away from sharing my life in that way — and it would be even worse if I was holding back because I was worried that my sharing was the cause of my robbery. I obviously don't know Kardashian, but as far as I can tell, it seems like something's been taken from her that previously brought her a lot of happiness, and that's not fair at all.

6. She's Reportedly Finding A New Security Team

According to TMZ, Kardashian is reportedly hiring former Secret Service members as part of her security entourage to beef things up post-robbery. Conducting job interviews doesn't really sound like something I'd want to do after being held up in my apartment in a foreign country, and it sucks that Kardashian has to. (Bustle reached out to Kardashian about this report, but has not yet received a response.)

7. Her TV Show Is On Hold

Following the attack, Keeping Up With The Kardashians is "on hold indefinitely". It's not good for people like me who love the show, and I'm guessing Kardashian isn't crazy about it, either, but her well being comes first.

8. She's Not Working

If you've watched KUWTK, you know that Kardashian is kind of a workaholic. And while taking time off work sounds appealing to a lot of people, I don't know that she's happy about slowing things down. Although she might be loaded, it still sucks, especially since it's always seemed that she loves what she does.

9. There's A Major Police Investigation Going On


As Paris police continue to try to get to the bottom of the robbery, Kardashian's probably keeping pretty involved in the investigation. Can you imagine having to constantly relive such a terrifying situation?!

The Paris Police Prefecture previously told Bustle about the situation: "We are not able to respond to your request because a judicial inquiry is opened only the Paris Prosecutor's office which can communicate to the press and the public and to not interfere with ongoing investigations."

10. There Are All Types Of Conspiracy Theories

They range from a band of famous jewel thieves being the culprits to the whole thing being a giant publicity stunt, and none of them are fair to Kardashian after everything she's been through.

11. And The Memes

A mother of two gets gagged and robbed at gunpoint, the people of Twitter come forth with memes. I'm usually a huge fan of internet culture, but not this time. And considering how angry they made me, I can't imagine how Kardashian felt when she inevitably saw them.

12. And The Jokes From Late Night Hosts

The day the news broke, both Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O'Brien found ways to work Kardashian's robbery into their routines. I wasn't impressed, because this isn't a situation to joke about, and I feel like Kardashian probably felt the same way.

13. And, You Know, Coping With Actually Being Robbed

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I sincerely hope that, as horrifying as this whole ordeal has been, Kardashian is eventually able to move past it. It's definitely not going to be easy, as this past week has proven, but I hope she doesn't let it take away the things she loves and what makes her happy. She's too awesome for the world to miss out on her!