A 'Gilmore Girls' Town Meeting Happened On Twitter

The best part of being a Stars Hollow resident is the town hall meetings. If you've ever wanted to be a part of the magic, well, now you can. The first Stars Hollow town meeting to take place on social media happened on Wednesday, and it got fans into all kinds of exciting debates. Imagine it: The mayhem and excitement of a Stars Hollow town meeting with some of the show’s biggest fans. Can you imagine being apart of the excitement? Can you imagine being apart of the drama? Thanks to the new format that the town meetings are taking, now you can be.

And who wouldn’t go crazy for the opportunity to be apart of your favorite fictional town’s actual happenings? I personally stopped everything that I was doing and headed over to the Stars Hollow website to air my grievances. (Of course, none of them were addressed, but I’m hoping some of them come up during the next one.) Some of the topics that were covered, however, were a request to show A Film by Kirk for the second time, millennial cellphone use affecting the ambiance of the town, the theme of next year’s Dance Marathon, a lawn ornament thief, and some serious street leakage outside of Mrs. Kim’s house. In other words, just another week in Stars Hollow.

But the best thing about this town meeting is that fans of the show were totally able to get involved. In some pretty hilarious exchanges, fans stood in as Stars Hollow residents and argued right along with the town moderator. Here are some of the highlights from this week's Twitter town meeting.

When They Debated The Theme For Next Year's Dance Marathon

Clearly someone wants to cut a rug and make things a little more lively this time around.

When They Tried To Find A Solution To The Town's Petty Crime Problem

Kirk does always seem to have room in his schedule for one more job.

When They Debated Whether Or Not Snapchat Would Ruin The Town's Ambiance

I have a feeling that would be the most epic faceswap of all time.

Clearly, this Twitter town meeting was one of the best things to happen in Stars Hollow in a while. The good news is that there will be another one next week. So visit the town’s website today and make your grievances known. This is a democracy, people.

Image: Netflix