Green Arrow & Stardust Go Head To Head On 'Arrow' When Oliver Takes His New Recruits Out On A Mission

Oliver might have gained the trust of his new recruits by revealing his true identity last week, but now it's his turn to trust them. And he's off to a rocky start on Arrow 's "A Matter of Trust." After Green Arrow gets a tip on a new dangerous street drug, Stardust, Rene is so frustrated with being kept on the sidelines, he acts on it without consulting Oliver and accidentally creates a supervillain (played by Cody Rhodes). Oliver realizes he might need to start trusting his new batch of vigilantes as much as he wants them to trust him. And, if he wants to defeat the new villain of the week, he's going to need a team behind him. Green Arrow and Stardust went head-to-head on Arrow , and luckily he had his team backing him up.

Oliver's lack of trust in the new team doesn't sit well with any of them, but it really rubs Rene the wrong way. So much so that, after another night of being forced to sit and watch as Oliver go out as the Green Arrow, he persuades Evelyn to go with him to check out a drug lab where a new drug, Stardust, is being made. Of course, he gets involved and ends up turning Derek Sampson, the man in charge, as played by Cody Rhodes (aka Stardust), into a superhuman after dumping him in a vat of Stardust drug chemicals. Derek emerges with super strength and unable to feel pain.

Oliver first tries to take him on by himself, but, with a little nudge from Felicity, he realizes that he needs help. More importantly, he needs to trust that Rene, Rory, Evelyn, and Curtis can help him. Otherwise, what's the point of taking on these new recruits in the first place? As always, Felicity was able to talk some sense into Oliver, and Oliver brought his team out into the field and defeated the Stardust supervillain! To prove his trust even more, he took Rene, Evelyn, and Rory to the real lair, or Arrow Cave. Our Oliver's growing up!

Images: Diyah Pera/The CW; thearrowgifs/tumblr