Rebecca Is Lovesick On 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend'

Well, it's official: our favorite CW show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend , is back for Season 2 shenanigans like you've never seen them. The biggest development in the season opener was that Josh and Rebecca's happily ever after is still a long way off (if it ever ends up happening, that is). Josh seems determined to keep things casual, while Rebecca is chomping at the bit to move things into "serious" mode. You guys, it's only three weeks into their courtship. Can Rebecca take a chill pill, please? Additionally, the fraught relationship vibes have left many of us wondering if Josh and Rebecca will ever get on the same page. Are they destined to just keep their missing each other's signals? Thankfully for us, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend decided to explore the answers to these questions and the deeper issues with Rebecca's handling of this very awkward Josh situation with the first song of the season: "Love Kernels."

Remember those moments in the Season 2 trailer when Rebecca was dressed up as a cactus and clinging to Josh's leg in a desert? Did you scratch your head and wonder what the actual heck was going on? Well, these were just a few of the many magical moments from "Love Kernels." It's Rebecca's Lemonade-esque ode to Josh and simultaneous plea to Paula that yes, Josh really does love her too. In the song, Rebecca's abject denial that Josh's pithy texts and booty calls signal little more than the fact that she is a casual partner make it clear that she has a lot of growing up to do. She sings about living for those little texts, looks, and even borderline-irrelevant statements (the "love kernels"), turning them into the food to fuel her love. In reality, she is fostering another romantic delusion that simply prevents her from seeing reason and finding her own happy ending.

The songs of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend have always sought to illustrate, however comically, the deeper issues of the show. "Love Kernels" pokes fun at the typically female tendency to inflate the meaningful minutiae of their romantic interactions with men. From Josh's viewpoint, it's just sex and conversation. For Rebecca, those bits of conversation and sexual encounters are loaded with intense romantic meaning. As a result, she feels higher than a kite and continues to think that Josh really loves her.

In truth, those deeper romantic meanings just don't exist. Rebecca needs a wake-up call desperately because she is actually setting herself up to fail. If she keeps going along this path, she may end up cheating herself of the chance at finding true love — the risk we all run when we engage in this kind of behavior as love-starved fools. As it's stated in the new Season 2 theme song, Rebecca is simply a girl in love and she contends she cannot be held responsible for her actions. In this case, when it comes to misreading the signals so badly you risk doing more damage to yourself than you'd like, Rebecca could be headed down a very dangerous path.

Will Rebecca continue to be self-destructive by interacting with Josh like this? Or is there a chance that she can re-route and carve out a healthier path to true love?

Images: Robert Voets/The CW (2)