'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Ups The Crazy For Season 2

On October 21, the craziest/best show on television, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, will return. In anticipation of that fast-approaching premiere, The CW dropped the first official teaser for the oddball musical comedy starring Rachel Bloom (post-Golden Globe win!), and judging by the clip, you better believe things are going to get weird...er. Like, weird-er. (Even though the situation's a lot more nuanced than that, of course) Rest assured Rebecca's still the oddball that West Covina residents have come to know and love and sometimes — like Paula says — get "worried" about, though: The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 promo shows that though things might have changed for Rebecca since we first met her unhappy, New York self, her life is only gonna get crazier.

It's not really surprising that the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's promo is bursting at the seams with oddball moments, since the show isn't like anything else on network TV. By that, I mean it's strange and different, but in the best way. Having mastered its own unique tone, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend balances its quirks with honest depictions of its characters and their conflicting, human desires. We see this already panning out in the promo, which opens with Rachel saying "Suck my paddle, losers!" while presumably playing ping pong (but who knows, really, with Rebecca) and ends with her walking out into the desert, dressed as a cactus. The latter is most likely a metaphor for the grounds she's still uncovering as a woman trying to make sense of her new life, but again, who knows.

The teaser reminds us where we left off at the end of Season 1, with the whole Rebecca and Josh (Vincent Rodriguez) thing. That is, that the sort-of exes (if you count their short lived summer fling at 15 years old as a relationship, which they very much do) are back together. Only problem is, Greg (the sardonic bartender played by Santino Fontana) happens to be in love with Rebecca — and it's evident that she loves him back. But wait: She's also in love with Josh — or at the very least, she's in love with the fantasy of Josh, which for Rebecca right now, is kind of the same thing.

Regardless of whose team viewers are on — Josh or Greg's — it's clear that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is team Rebecca. Her happiness (and lack of ability to find it in the clear, cookie-cutter path she desires) is end-game. Hopefully, Season 2 will explore that idea.

Images: The CW