How To Rep Team Cap This Halloween & Do The 'Civil War' Hero Proud

Just because the Marvel Civil War is over for now doesn't mean you don't have to pick a side. Are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man? Unless you're so crazy for Robert Downey Jr. that you throw logic out the window, you're probably Team Cap (sorry, Iron Man, but you're definitely on the wrong side of this super fight). Now that you've determined your Captain America: Civil War allegiance, it's time to talk about how you can declare your loyalty to Team Cap to the world. And what better time than Oct. 31? So, grab your superfriends and get ready to stand up for Captain America with these five ways to rep Team Cap this Halloween.

Perhaps the most obvious way to rep Team Cap this Halloween is to gather a group of your biggest and baddest friends and actually dress up as the members of Team Cap: Captain America, The Falcon, The Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Ant Man, and Scarlet Witch (with an option for Black Panther and Black Widow). But, with less than 10 days until Halloween, the odds of getting together your own superhero group costume are slim. So, aside from wearing traditional Team Cap superhero costumes, these are some fast, small, and easy ways to rep Team Cap on Halloween night.

1. Team Cap Tank Top


The easiest way to declare yourself Team Cap this Halloween is probably with a Captain America tank top. This Captain America Shield Tank Top from Hot Topic ($16.40-18.00) is perfect because it's subtle.

Team Cap isn't necessarily about pledging allegiance to Steve Rogers himself, it's about following his ideals. And you don't have to actually wear Captain America's face to do that.

2. DIY Team Cap Gear


If you can't find a Captain America tank yourself, make one. All you need is a t-shirt or tank top you're willing to alter and some adhesive lettering. Iron-on letters make for the cleanest message, but permanent markers can also do the trick in a pinch!

These blue iron-on letters from Michaels are Team Cap colors ($5.99). But, if you want a more sporty look, these black iron-on letters from Michaels will work just as well ($15.99).

Bonus: the black letters are double the size of the blue — 3 inches instead of 1.5 — so, if you want to make sure people can read your shirt, go for the black.

If a shirt that says "Team Cap" on its own is too boring for you, you can always add on other details, like an iron-on Captain America patch – this one is from Amazon and is available for Amazon Prime shipping ($3.96).

They also come in sets, like this one also from Amazon ($3.58), if you and your friends are in the market for a last minute costume.

3. Captain America Pin


Find a novelty Captain America pin and call it a day. This cute Funko Pop enamel pin from Hot Topic ($4.40) should be enough to give away your Team Cap status.

4. Plums


Fans of Captain America: Civil War will remember the scene when Bucky first met Black Panther, but only true Team Cap lovers will remember the poor, unseen casualty of their first fight: Bucky's plums. Yes, Bucky was just minding his business, buying some plums, when the government, Captain America, and Black Panther appeared, preventing him from ever eating his delicious fruit. Needless to say, this did not go unnoticed by the Internet, who quickly seized onto Bucky's plums. So, if you want to have a subtle nod to Team Cap this Halloween but are super short on time, head to your local grocery store and pick up some plums. (Bonus if you wear a red t-shirt, jeans, a loose jacket, and a baseball cap.)

RIP Bucky's plums

5. Hello, my name is...

Poor Hawkeye should have known better than to introduce himself during a Civil War showdown, and yet, this exchange between Clint and Black Panther will go down in history as one of the best Marvel moments ever on the big screen. To honor such a momentous occasion this Halloween, get yourself to a Walmart or Office Depot and pick up some "Hello my name is" stickers, like these from Staples ($6.29).

Just write in Clint, and you're good to go.

Don't forget, when you're out there reping Team Cap, you have to make sure you snag more candy than Team Iron Man.

Images: Walt Disney Studios; Giphy (3); Hot Topic; Amazon; Michaels; Staples; heartfulloffandoms/tumblr (2); theavengers/tumblr