Photos & Videos Of Young Nora Ephron Show That 'Good Girls Revolt' Captured Her Strength

In Amazon's new original series, Good Girls Revolt, women are not allowed to have bylines at their magazine. In today's culture, this is something that seems shocking. But, back in 1970, the struggle was real. Based on Lynn Povich's non-fiction book of the same name, Good Girls Revolt tells the story of a group of women (including famed writer Nora Ephron) who fought against gender discrimination in the journalism industry. But, since Grace Gummer plays the real-life legend in the fictional show, you may be watching Good Girls Revolt wondering what young Nora Ephron looked like in real life.

No one can ever forget the impact Ephron had on literature and feminism throughout the years as she continued to cement her talent. More than her stories being beloved and her writing being sharp, Ephron was one of the champions of speaking out when it came to how women were represented in the media and otherwise. To celebrate Ephron's legacy (and just to remind you of her sheer awesomeness), I've rounded up some classic young Ephron videos — and even a few youthful photos — to remind us of just how groundbreaking she was, in every single way.

Words To Live By, Indeed

Inspiring and eloquent, you can see why Ephron stood up against gender discrimination throughout her career.

Strong Stance

Maybe some words we can all take into consideration given the upcoming election — thanks, Nora Ephron.

Fierce. Funny. Feminist.

Here, I can imagine a hard-working Ephron making a difference.

Female Friendship Goals

American Film Institute on YouTube

In 2004, Ephron saluted another amazing woman — Meryl Streep — at the 32nd Annual AFI Awards. The short speech is a reminder of the fact that, even though Ephron was all business during most interviews and serious about her subject matter, she could be witty, sharp, and delightful when describing how much it means to be able to honor other women who have made a difference. Plus, who doesn't get all tingly when it comes to great female friendships?

Role Model

Bill Kenower on YouTube

In this 2010 interview, it's refreshing to hear Ephron talk about her writing, how she finds stories, how they become the movies that we all know and love, and how her own childhood shaped her worldview. It's a reminder of how empowering Ephron was when she spoke about her craft and just how important it is to find your voice in this world where media is constantly being produced and we're all looking for ways to feel like we're making a difference.

"Don't Underestimate How Much Antagonism There Is Toward Women."

WellesleyCollege on YouTube

It's a long video, but one that's certainly worth watching: Ephron's commencement speech to the Class of 1996 at her alma mater, Wellesley College. In her speech, Ephron talks about her own experiences as a student at Wellesley, her desires of growing up to be a writer despite the stigma against women, and urges students to never stop fighting for their place in the world. I hear you, Nora — I definitely hear you.

Images: Amazon Studios; Twitter (3)