The Pig In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Trailer Isn't Paul Anka's Replacement, Don't Worry

In less than three minutes, the Gilmore Girls revival trailer successfully covers a lot of ground. We know that three generations of Gilmore women are navigating major life changes and crises — but thankfully they have each other's backs, so we can rest assured they'll be OK. But, some important things remain the same, such as Lorelai and Rory's ability to put away junk food like nobody's business, Emily's sassy one-liners, and Taylor's insistence on ruling town meetings with an iron fist. But, a few major questions have been raised: Why wasn't Paul Anka in the trailer? What the heck is Kirk doing at Friday night dinner? Is that a T-shirt and jeans Emily is wearing? And why is there a miniature pig in the Gilmore Girls revival trailer?

I quite literally squealed with delight when that adorable miniature pig bounded across my computer screen. Then, a moment of panic set in — what if Paul Anka has (*shudder*) passed away and been replaced by the pig? I mean, this key character was absent from a trailer that appeared to include as many Stars Hollow residents as possible. Luckily, I remembered that Paul Anka's return to Gilmore Girls has been confirmed and I breathed a massive sigh of relief. His fortune-telling skills may have been lacking, but he was there for Lorelai during one of the toughest times of her life — plus, he's just so darn adorable. I suppose he was probably just taking a nap when the trailer was filmed, which is totally understandable.

Now that we've confirmed Paul Anka is in the revival, let's get back to the matter of that miniature pig. He or she is adorable, but a pig seems a little out of place — even in a town as eccentric as Stars Hollow. Is it a guest, or a permanent resident of the town? Well, we know that an important plotline in the revival is the Stars Hollow Musical, which will provide a historical overview of the town's history. If the Stars Hollow we know and love from the original Gilmore Girls series is any indication, it's safe to assume that the town's past includes plenty of quirky history. Maybe the pig was hired to act in the play.

On the other hand, Stars Hollow's current population includes plenty of oddballs. Is this pig someone's pet? If so, I'd say Kirk is the most likely candidate — and I'm sure there's a hilarious story behind how he came to be the owner of a pig. But, let's not rule out Babette because she's a true animal lover. Remember when she held a funeral for her beloved cat, Cinnamon? If Babette discovered that a miniature pig needed a home, I bet she'd adopt it in a second.

We don't know if this mysterious pig will appear in all four episodes, or if it's merely a guest star. Either way, we now have two adorable animals to look forward to in the revival. Gilmore Girls is the gift that just keeps on giving.

Image: Netflix